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Post here ONLY if you are interested in being a meeting site host in your area.

Once the state/region/country discussion pages are created, your contact info will be added there so other mythical beasts in the area will be able to correspond and assist in your planning efforts.

In the meantime, please refer to the following guides from last year's event for instructions, ideas and things to consider . . .



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Wish I was up there to participate. Your state discussion page will be up shortly
Sweet Thanks!!!

If nobodys done Utah yet,,,, I can POSSIBLY do it again. It'll depend on my schedual. 

GREAT NEWS!  left you a quick note on your profile page wall and will create a discussion page the UTAH meeting very soon.

I am in I hope I can come! What do you do as a host may I ask? Is there a lot of people in utah that you know of? 

Hiya! I can host in Denver, Colorado for sure. I just need to figure out a meeting place that would be good for all mythical beasts nearby! Here's the FB page: (x)

Hey Gumbo it's me once again and would like to host the third annual Mythicon for Oklahoma had a blast being alone in a mall for an hour the last two times but I now the crowd has grown by like 3 million I feel confident that at least one other person will show up

WOOHOO! the mullet lives!!!

I'm guessing you'll arrive at the same Bat Time and same Bat Channel, until you advise differently:

I would like to host a MythiCon in Des Moines, Ia. Would that be ok.

Hey Gumbo. New site for the Phoenix, Arizona Mythicon.

Petersen House Museum, 1414 W. Southern Ave. Tempe, Arizona

This will be the park partion of the site not in the actual house.


Id like one in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or clarion brockway Pennsylvania...


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