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I saw Alex (Thestral)'s discussion for Beard Oil & Lip Balm reviews and thought I'd steal the idea and open it up to all the other merch.

Since DFTBA doesn't have any kind of review system. Let's talk about the merch we have and what we think of it.

Star system as Alex (Thestral) originally suggested:

Please rate the item out of five stars. ★★★★★
One star is the least favorable ★
Five stars is the most favorable ★★★★★

Please also briefly write any feedback, comments, questions, concerns - so on and so forth about the products.

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My mom ordered the hat for me and I will get pics of it when it arrives

(package I received about two weeks ago)

Green R&L hoodie - ★★★★★ The California fleece or wherever the material is from. It. is. wumftorble. Yes I mean comfortable. I can spell. Yet my heart is saying wumftorble (whats wrong with you, heart, use your big girl words). Speaking of the heart, The logo is right over it kinda. <3 . .  .    .    .      . I don't recommend under-dressing when its still chilly out, but this had kept my upper body toasty in 40ish degree weather. Cant say that for my legs since I was wearing a skirt. I need to get out of New England.

Poster of them in the woods with the retro stuff - ★★★★★ When I first got it I had to look at every detail and pixel, to not miss a thing. The poster kinda takes you somewhere (the woods with an office in it apparently). It all comes together, the elements of the photo. I still have it in the tube because I'm in a temporary living situation and I don't want it damaged but I will/would hang this up where I need inspiration or just want to STARE at R&L.

GMM pale blue logo t-shirt - ★★★★★ (aye Link-bobblehead we twinies. REPRESENT!) The contrast of the colors hurts my eyes in a good way, I wore it tucked into a black high-waisted skirt and it looked put together although it is a casual kind of shirt. I sadly got a chocolate stain in it and I'm sad about that (what do? hot water or cold? is chocolate like blood stains? dry clean only?). Did I mention I HATE damaging Rhett & Link gear, and I feel like I disrespect our internetainer gawds? (keep your reviews brief, dangit!) Ok, wear this shirt. It is IMBUED with them good mythical vibes and you might meet another Mythical Beast when you wear it outside. *winky-poo*

ALL OF THE STICKERS - ★★★★ Personally, I think two  of the stickers look 'boring'. That's okay! Because I am going to destroy property to propagate GMM and R&L. jk, I will stick one or two on my kindle and laptop but I want to give the rest to friends (yes surprisingly I have a few friends) o0o0or stick em' in public so people are like "hmm, I walk by this post everyday, what or who is this 'good mythical morning' and 'brett and lunk'?" aaaand win-win. muahahhah, I love you guys. All you Mythical Beasts and the Mythical Daddies themselves.

(a part of me wants to buy the snapbacks one day. ill listen to that part. also I wanna put beard oil in my head hair.)

I forgot to write a review for their movie I bought in December!

Looking for Miss Locklear - ★★★★★ Awww, its heartwarming as heck! We, inside, as fans, are thanking Ms. Locklear in spirit because she is the catalyst for this wonderful long-standing friendship and collaboration that is Rhett and Link. Gosh,  seeing people and places of your home state, the raw internet-and-phone-less search was bold and true, I crai. ehbri-tyme.

when I saw Ms. Locklear tear up I had to empathetically. you'll be absorbed in this movie. it boils up feelings of anticipation, endearment, and a strange peacefulness, You hope along with these two that they'll find who they're looking for, and fear that their efforts have been futile. I felt like they were my sherpas taking me through NC on their quest. Very likeable, this movie, and everyone that took part in it. I was just thinking now, maybe this can be a movie that encourages you to never give up and if you keep climbing that figurative mountain, you'll get to see the marvelous view from it's peak eventually.

alright sorry about the long reviews, peace! (\/)

I just found this discussion so I need to leave some responses
-GMM Shirt-5 Stars
This gets 5 stars because it is the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn. The quality of the logo is great. I wear this shirt once a week and the logo hasn't came off in the slightest. It's my favorite shirt that I own.
-Rhett and Link logo Shirt-3 stars
I only gave this 3 stars because of the quality of the logo. The logo on my shirt is peeling off and you can see the green through it. It's just white patches. You can still see the logo though. I've worn this shirt as much as my GMM one and the GMM one is still in perfect condition. But, this shirt is extremely soft and comfortable and I may purchase another one.
-GMM Mug-4 Stars
I gave this mug 4 stars because I have done nothing but drank out of it (no dropping or anything) and the handle has partially come unattached from the cup. Other than that it's amazing.
-Link's Lip Balm-5 Stars
This is amazing. I use this every day. I got my tube in late January-early February and I've used about 80% of it.
-Rhett and Link Bobbleheads-5 Stars
They're really well made and I don't really mess with them. They're on display on my desk.

Is there any pullover hoodies? I don't see them in the DFTBA store, but I feel like I've seen them on GMM. Am I crazy? Wait...don't answer that last one...

I made my own:)

Received today a K-Mod appreciation gift with lots of goodies. 

Rate each of these at five stars ★★★★★ before even opening the box, based solely on the thought put into compiling some gifts for me and all the K-Mods in appreciation from R&L and the Mythical Entertainment crew

(shout out to Becca!)

  • GMM Hoodie w/ custom sleeve patch
  • Mythical Entertainment drinking jar w/ straw
  • both GMM sticker packs
  • 3 tubes of Link's “Peculiarly Perfect” Peanut Butter & Peppermint lip balm


One new item recently added to the Mythical Store (http://store.dftba.com/collections/rhett-link/) was announced in today's episode of GMM . . . who will be the first to order, receive and review???

I want this! I must have it...

Well, I guess that would be me! :) 

(sorry for blur & lighting) 

10/10! (★★★★★) Looks awesome in person! 

I also ordered & received "Looking for Ms. Locklear" DVD from createspace (via the Kommunity post by Link, located in the right sidebar) and watched it on June 4. It was fantastic and worth it to get the DVD! I think it's a really neat snapshot of Rhett & Link history that every mythical beast can enjoy! ★★★★★

Link's Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm: ★★★★★

I've been using Link's lip balm for almost 2 weeks now, and I really like it! It smells more like straight peanuts than peanut butter, in my opinion, but the combination with peppermint is pretty nice. I don't notice any taste from it (and I lick my lips a lot, so I would've noticed). The peppermint aspect leaves a refreshing, tingly feel on my lips after I've applied it.

I have a go-to lip balm that I've been using for a while, but once I received Link's PPPBP (now there's an acronym), I found myself reaching for this most of the time. I still slightly prefer my previous lip balm because it has a very thick application that lasts a long time, but I only have a limited supply of that and I can't buy it in stores, so I'm more than happy to use PPPBP as a replacement!

GMM Mug: ★★★★★ - My husband ordered this for me and I drink out of it every day.I love the matte black outside with the GMM logo and the orange inside . I wish that they would sell a GMM t-shirt that was black with the orange logo.

Way back when he also ordered the Hoverboard t-shirt for me, but sadly I can't rate it because it never arrived. :-(


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