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I saw Alex (Thestral)'s discussion for Beard Oil & Lip Balm reviews and thought I'd steal the idea and open it up to all the other merch.

Since DFTBA doesn't have any kind of review system. Let's talk about the merch we have and what we think of it.

Star system as Alex (Thestral) originally suggested:

Please rate the item out of five stars. ★★★★★
One star is the least favorable ★
Five stars is the most favorable ★★★★★

Please also briefly write any feedback, comments, questions, concerns - so on and so forth about the products.

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Does anyone have their GMM poster? I wonder if it comes with their signature on it? 

The only GMM posters that are signed are the ones awarded as prize during a contest. Whenever there were still The Mythical Show (TMS) posters available, those could be ordered either signed or unsigned.


I only give 4 stars because the flight to Jurassic Island was delayed 30 minutes, but otherwise, it was fantastic!
Phew, I'm glad there's a review so I can make my purchasing decision!

Yesterday, I had a dream where I found Rhett's beard oil and Link's PPPBP Lip Balm but they were in lunchboxes. I was still pretty happy. 5 stars for the dream products.

I got both, they both smell really good! I don't know what to use the beard oil on other than maybe put it on stuff I want to smell good. I need to grow a beard....in maybe another life....

You can probably use it like regular hair oil! I'm not an expert, though, so it might be worth a Google search first. :P

Link said he liked my hoodie at least 2 times when I met them in sundance. I thinking he better since it was a GMM hoodie haha.

I wear it like everyday thou. My zipper is peeling!  

I have currently:

The Rhett & Link bobbleheads ★★★★- I don't like bobbleheads because they are freaky-looking but I bought these despite that because HELLO? Rhett and Link?! I love THESE specific bobbleheads. any other can get out of town. I have to admit I watch every new gmm episode with these fine bobbies 'also watching' (not British police. the bobbleheads) and since they have been putting THEIR bobbies in the background of their videos, it makes it like a creepy paradox mirror thing and I hope it will create enough mythicality power to open up a portal to their studio. climb in. only for me to be mistaken for a vagrant, kicked out, to become an L.A. hobo because "home" is on the opposite coast. having to thumb my way across the country back. I am a stupid, silly girl and I cant help myself writing impossible day-dreamy things like this. I enjoy this product, yes. respect them as if they had flesh or Rhetts legs can break (sorry, mine did. but it is repaired with, er, scotch tape.) or paint will chip away a lil. the box is cool, too, dang-it.

Links lip balm -★★★★★ I cant help but think its what links breath is like sometimes. I'm a creep yeah that's been established. love the packaging (cutie-pie face right there fo ya), the feel on the lips, smell, and i guess taste ( i don't aim to eat chapstick but I'm not saying i havent ate chapstick as a kid).

uhh my quaker parrot likes to taste it when shes on my shoulder. STOP IT BIRD I KNOW  ITS PLEASANT BUT IF YOU KEEP SCRAPPING IT OFF MY MOUF' ILL RUN OUT OF IT FASTER. i also have an unhealthy fear that ill run out of it in my lifetime or it will stop being made. what does that tell you? lovely and highly effective at lip-unchapping.

and the mythical mug -★★★★★ its their mug, its beautiful. the matte texture and the contrast of the smooth texture feels nice in my hand and mouth (restrain yourself, Nikki, this is a clean community and you are immature). its MYTHICAL, put some drinky-drink like good ol coffee in there. cozy up with those bobbleheads. put the lip balm all over your chapped body. and just take it all in. the universe *inhale* with all the mythical beasts and THE Rhett and Link who inhabit it *exhale*

oh gosh.

aaaand more products have been ordered today and ill do a weirdo-written review for them too but like Link says 'i wont be making any guarantees'

GMM T-shirt: ★★★★★ - Beautiful color and so so so very soft! Fits true to size and the Belvedere and fire on it are well printed and look great when on. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to show of their Mythical Beastliness!

GMM Mug: ★★★★★ - Nice size handle. Ordered one for my mom for an early mothers day present and she loves it! The Matte black outside with the GMM logo and the orange inside are gorgeous and wash beautifully! It is hand wash only but it's really isn't a big deal when you see the beautiful logo and think about what a dish washer would do to it.

Mythical Snapback: ★★★★★ - If I could give it 100 stars I would!! I am so in love with this hat, the Randler and Rhett and Link stitching on it are very well done. The hat feels nice when being worn and off the head it feels like it'll hold up over a long period of time. The camo is cute and subtle, there's also a nice surprise on the inside of the hat that I didn't know was there but is a very nice attention to detail.

Link's PPPBP Lip Balm: ★★★★★ - IT SMELLS SO GOOD Y'ALL!!!! It feels amazing on the lips too! Very moisturizing and tastes good too. (I don't eat chapstick out of the tube, but if/when you lick your lips it's doesn't just taste like wax.) The packaging is so adorable and could be a real conversation starter with anyone who doesn't know who Rhett and Link are.

BYMB Wristband: ★★★★★ - Worth the $5, the green really goes with a lot of stuff. The font on the band is adorable, it fits nicely on me and I have kinda a big wrist.

can i ask how you figured out the right size for the shirts since they are unisex?


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