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I saw Alex (Thestral)'s discussion for Beard Oil & Lip Balm reviews and thought I'd steal the idea and open it up to all the other merch.

Since DFTBA doesn't have any kind of review system. Let's talk about the merch we have and what we think of it.

Star system as Alex (Thestral) originally suggested:

Please rate the item out of five stars. ★★★★★
One star is the least favorable ★
Five stars is the most favorable ★★★★★

Please also briefly write any feedback, comments, questions, concerns - so on and so forth about the products.

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Hoverboard T-Shirt:  ★★★★★

I adore the colour, it's so vivid and the print is of great quality. So far no issues when washing. Only thing I would say is the sizing seems a little small.

5th Anniversary Mythical Shoes: ★★★★

I wish I bought two pairs but they were so expensive and the shipping to UK was a bit ouch. I originally was going to keep them new but they were so cool to wear I couldn't help it. Only issue I have is they are wide fit so I have to pull them quite tight to feel like they are not going to rub.

BYMB Band: ★★

Great price, looks good. Would of liked it to have R&L on it as well as BYMB. However I can't wear it as it's too big. Would be nice to have a smaller option like some people offer with these non adjustable bands.

Looking for Ms Locklear: ★★★
I think this is a movie for the fans. I admit I did get a bit bored a couple times, but I also was wrangling two children whilst watching so I was distracted. I imagine I'll give it more stars when I watch it again.. and the fact I want to watch it again is a plus for it.

RandLer Hoodie: ★★★★

I adore this. It's so soft and comfortable I'm going to order more hoodies. Only downside is the string came out from the hood in the first wash and I'm used to hoodies being thick things I can wear in the winter instead of a jacket. This is a bit too thin.

Totally agree on the Randler hoodie! String came off aswell but it's pretty warm and not heavy so that's a plus side.

If anyone actually purchases a bit of GMM merchandise, don't forget to post your review with a picture of yourself modeling or enjoying said item.  There is also a long standing thread for photos at: 

Currently the only merchandise I own is a GMM shirt because I'm lame (agh, sorry). However, my GMM shirt is from the original product launch in 2012, so I'm pretty cool with that.

Good Mythical Morning T-Shirt: ★★★★★

I have a bad memory, but I'm pretty sure they used to offer this shirt in ladies fit vs. unisex/men's fit -- now they only offer unisex and kids. As far as I recall, I ordered a ladies size large because I like my shirts a little looser, and this shirt fits great for me. It hasn't shrunk, and it's a very comfortable material and fit.

At Mythicon this year, a couple of people were wearing later-edition GMM shirts, and we noticed that the orange on my shirt is much darker and redder than the current edition. Weird! They must've made some adjustments since the original launch, since it's not like I haven't washed that shirt plenty of times by now. Anyway, I love this shirt! :)


i agree. i really want to get a GMM shirt and a randler hoodie but I feel like unisex shirts don't really look as nice on me.

Yeah, I can definitely see the color differences in our shirts. That was like the worst picture of me by the way. I was just getting home from a long day at work when the mail came and I had to throw it all on and take a photo.

Good Mythical Morning shirt (5 stars)
Comfortable, doesn't shrink, washes well, no fading

Rhett and Link Hoodie (4 starts)
I was expecting it to be a bit thicker, but for the price it's great. Washes well, no fading or shrinking, lots of compliments

Good Mythical Morning Mug (5 stars)
I love the mug. I hand wash only as to not scratch the matte black. It has held up well even with accidental knocks against other mugs.

BYMB green wrist band (3 stars)
For the price, it is not bad. It didn't take long to start a small tear in it and I had to baby it as to not completely break it. (It eventually was cut with scissors by my 4 year old and with some advice from Lexi, I may be able to revive it)

I have the Documentary and their second CD that I enjoy regularly. My little one thinks that my stereo is broken in the car and all the car will play is Rhett and Link music! I give both of those 5 stars!

My "Oh My Flavors" shirt should be here anytime.

It's a horrid picture but this was taken Oct 21st :)

just ordered a hoodie, wristband, t shirt and stickers. i already have a poster. i will let you know when i receive them!

I like the green gmm shirt but my mom kinda problably washed it with another color it has white spots
I touched my gmm sweat shirt aka my Christmas gift it is soft to the touch


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