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So I was spinning around in a chair when I thought "There should be a member of the month!". So I put this little template together that explains who the special member is and why they got to be member of the month. The template is complete with the member's profile picture, a few of their photos and their name.

Today, I wondered  who would be the Member of the month... it was down to two candidates, both making extraordinary achievements this month.

September's member of the month is...




You win this badge! ^

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Shoot, maybe I should have proof read a little more, haha.

Whoa! Thanks Marcus! I feel so honored. :-D

. . . and don't forget about a Spin the Wheel of Mythicality intro on GMM (Episode #282)

Good job Alexis!

Congratulations!  ^-^

I love this idea Marcus!

nice idea Marcus. and congradulations Alexis!

Thanks guys! :-)


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