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Thank you to everyone who took part. More info after Link's birthday.

Additional:  The parcel arrived and will be given to Link in time for his bday

Additional 2: Because people have been asking about it I'll post here. The pdf of the project will be uploaded to view around the 7th or so

New : Hi all, Link posted a video about the book. Check out his blog here: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/birthday-thanks

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Could submissions also be like thank you's in addition to birthday wishes?

Birthday wishes, fan mail, thanks etc all fit

I will try and make something really quick. I should start drawing LOL

Sent my email. My made it one page and thats counting my art because I sent in some mail last month(to them) and didn't want to seem like a creepo. :)

Aaaand it's done. ^_^ I probably spent way too much time on it, but I couldn't stop once I started making progress. I emailed it a little while ago. 

I'll try. I do have an idea for it, but it is going to take a bit of time. I'll make it as quick as I can and perhaps finish it in an hour or two.

Have 2 days left so no rush

Done with one! I'll see if I have time to do something else, but I might not. Either way, I'm excited!

I wish I had my drawing tablet I would do more:( but hey there is always next year right? Let all ban together!


I've just sent my e-mail! :)

Done. How's it coming along?


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