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Thank you to everyone who took part. More info after Link's birthday.

Additional:  The parcel arrived and will be given to Link in time for his bday

Additional 2: Because people have been asking about it I'll post here. The pdf of the project will be uploaded to view around the 7th or so

New : Hi all, Link posted a video about the book. Check out his blog here: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/blogs/birthday-thanks

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I like this idea and I think he will like this and I hope It comes out great and I swear you are the best mythical beast ever.I will email you soon.

Woke this morning and checked the book email and wow..

oh yeah Tumblr got crazy about this (came from tumblr)

This reminds me of a KBE project from the early days of the kommunity . . . unfortunately the final edited video is no longer available for viewing . . .

I'd love to do something for this. I've got a few ideas. ^_^ Hopefully I'll have some free time over the weekend to work on it.


Thanks everyone so far. 10 days till deadline

*clicks send* Aaaand done! ^_^

I can't wait to do something for this! I know I want to write a letter, but I want to be a little more original than that.. I just dont know what yet..

Great thank you!

Thanks Oliver I'll put it in but I asked a Kmod to remove the submission from the thread from certain prying eyes :)

can not wait for june 1st that is links birthday


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