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Hello it has come to my attention that some people are not informed as well as they should about this so i shall explain.

1. this is just a title during chat for fun and all

2. who wouldn't want this title is fun

3. being the press is to be a role model per say

4. The pickle who is running seams to be a very good candidate.

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Thank you for pointing that out! My weakness has always been the comma. It makes sense that it would appear while typing that paragraph at 11:00 PM.

im not sure gumbo would want to be chat pres i dont even see him on chat much but i agree he would be a perfect candidate

That's true but hes already an admin i think so that would be weird 

Gumbo's not an administrator or moderator; he's just a special guy who's been around since the olden days.

What does the Komm president do?

Well its more of a title but we make sure there is no negativity, help others, help remove acquard silences, start discusions, ext. we have no admin powers but we as elected have the ability of some influence and who knows maybe link might like it.   

woo a gumbo nomination i see welcome to the presidency nomination system!  i thought some other guy was you my fail haha

That's exactly what I said! and I remember that convo' like it was yesterday ^.^

I should win because


o endi............

I'll run for president.  I know my way around, I mean I've been here for 2 years. I love Rhett and Link, and I love helping new beasts learn their way around.  I'd be a nice president, I wouldn't oppress anyone, or put anyone down.  I would love to create events, and just make the Kommunity a fun place!  I want everyone to be able to have fun here, and I wouldn't... WOULD NOT allow fighting.

Thank you for applying ill let you all know when we will have the debates 


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