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Mythical Beasts of the Rhett and Link Kommunity!

We are about to reach 100,000 members!
*cue confetti and fireworks*

To mark the amazing occasion, Rhett and Link are going to take some time out of their day to film a little Kommunity Exclusive video and answer some of your questions!

So we need you to reply to this discussion with your question submissions.

  • Be original! - Rhett and Link only have the free time to answer a handful of questions so increase the chance of yours being asked by thinking of something they have not answered 100 times already: "Have you ever been punched in the face" :)

  • Deadline is this Saturday! - Yes we know it's soon but we have faith in the ability of our Mythical Beasts to come up with some awesome questions in this short space of time.

So get your thinking caps on and let's start the celebration!

Ready.. set.... go!

Edit: After some confusion in chat room: R&L won't be answering the questions in this thread. They will be sent a shortlist from this thread and they will be making a Kommunity exclusive video which will feature some of your questions.

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If you could sneak into one celebrity's house who's would it be and how would you get it?

- What is your prediction of what YouTube will be like in 20 years, and what will that mean for you?

- As an illustrator at the beginning of her career, I have struggled a lot with lack of motivation and creative dry spells. Do you find that being part of a duo helps with this part of the creative process because you're held accountable to each other? Do you think you would be able to be as productive as individuals?

- How much of your time do you dedicate to staying physically fit?

Are you guys going to make any appearances at events other than Vidcon? Like Buffer Fest last year.
Have you ever felt bad for a beggar on the street and did you ever donate to them?
I've always wondered... Why have you never had your wives on the show?
How did you guys meet, sorry if you already answered this, if not will it pizza, if that's already done because i can't remember introduce the cast to us. If so hello cast I am Adrian from Sweden. You are getting to little credit so her it is
If a movie was being made of your life and you had to pick an actor (or actress) to play you, who would you pick and why? Also, is there anything from your life in particular that you would want to be a scene in the movie?

What has been the hardest and easiest things regarding working with your best friend?

If you could sit down at dinner with any 5 famous people (living or dead,) who all would it be?
What is the weirdest thing you've ever done in public? (can be YouTube or non YouTube related)

What would you do with the YouTube channel if the "other" host died, or something horrible happened to them?

Looking back on the past are you guys surprise on how far you have came? Moving from a little state to a big state to follow your dreams is inspiring. Was there ever a moment where you thought things weren't going to work out?


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