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I'll be the first to admit that I get a perverse kind of joy from when Rhett gives Link a jump-scare. I also like to catalog things. I thought we could turn these two things into a Kommunity building exercise. Every time we find a Link jump-scare in an episode, we post the episode title and the clip here.

Here's an example:

GMM #315 "The Ghost Pepper Challenge"

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This one is probably my favorite.

GMM #557 "The 4 Most Extreme Haunted Houses" GMMore

I'll keep an eye out for them, which shouldn't be hard, because I already enjoy them. My favorite ones are probably the ones (don't have an example on hand) where Rhett just yells something loud, not even trying to scare Link, but Link jumps slightly and then tries to act like he wasn't startled.

I also agree that a certain joy comes to see Link frightened.

Victoria pointed out this bonus of Link actually doing the scaring this time. Special guest Lindsey jumps a little bit when Link opens the show.

I remembered a jump-scare moment when Rhett accidentally surprised Link by shouting, and Link tried to play it off (Rhett didn't notice or comment on it)...I had to go hunting back through the GMM fan group discussion threads, but I finally found where I had pointed it out before.

From Season 6, episode 89, "The Floor is Lava (Game)":

These aren't limited only to Rhett-induced jump scares, are they?

Oh I do so love jumpy Link <3

We also have an Alex-induced jump-scare.

That's a good one!!

This one makes me laugh all the time. I will never get tired of this.

I keep watching this over and over with a huge smile on my face.

Today's GMMore provided us with another one. And Link was slightly irritated about it, haha.



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