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Hi guys!

I'm new here, though I've been a fan and follower of RandL for quite a long time. I thought I could finally join the Kommunity, too. :)

I started a video series where I create my fav Youtubers out of cardboard and, of course, I started with Rhett and Link. I thought I could share the video with you! Let me tell you... these take a long time to make but I'm very happy how they came out!

Oh, and please try to ignore my bad english and even worse humor here, haha.

Here is the video.

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That is amazing. Good job!

WOW. Now THAT is art!!! I hope Rhett, Link, and the crew saw this!!!

so awesome, Emimi!! thanks!

Woohoo! A shout out of appreciation from the main main, Emmi! You don't have to worry about sending it and it getting destroyed, they saw it!
Posted on their FaceBook page for EVERYONE to see. Hopefully you have "liked" their page!
So impressed right now.

CONGRATS!  I also saw R&L's post and share on Facebook, which probably means that the view count on your YouTube upload (kind of stuck right now at 510 views) will probably skyrocket in the next few hours.  Here is a quick link to the Facebook post with associated viewer comments to make it easier for you to locate in the future:

and, just in case that post disappears, as interweb things often tend to do from time to time . . .

And so let's check the count:  510 views  /   237 likes

This is how you can tell when the view count is frozen when a video is "trending" with high volume.

The likes keep going up but the views don't.

Emimi - -   Shared on Google+ 5 months ago

     2  YT viewer comments posted 4 months ago

     1  YT viewer comments posted 3 months ago

     0  YT viewer comments posted 2 months ago

     9  YT viewer comments posted 1 month ago

     8  YT viewer comments posted 1 week ago - - - including comments from 5 K-Mods 

     4  YT viewer comments posted 4 days ago

     and over 50 YT viewer comments posted in the past 3 hours!!!

"Including 5 K-mods" Haha we all jumped not this. 

Congrats on the share Emmi. This is awesome that it will get noticed by so many others.

Guys, this has been one crazy day! I'm just overwhelmed of all those nice comments I've received today, and just... Wow. I want to thank Rhett and Link for sharing my video, and ALL you amazing people for your support. Just thank you my fellow beasts. <3

these are too good… seriously way too good. it's not fair.

Cool! They featured this on their Facebook page!


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