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Hi guys!

I'm new here, though I've been a fan and follower of RandL for quite a long time. I thought I could finally join the Kommunity, too. :)

I started a video series where I create my fav Youtubers out of cardboard and, of course, I started with Rhett and Link. I thought I could share the video with you! Let me tell you... these take a long time to make but I'm very happy how they came out!

Oh, and please try to ignore my bad english and even worse humor here, haha.

Here is the video.

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Wow! That is amazing. I have no words!

Yes I'm in agreement with salmiakki! 

Posting now but still watching video :)


You really should mail these in to become part of the The Mythical Mail Museum!

They need to be no bigger than a soccer ball Gumbo

Send it anyway! I'm sure they're still accepting all fanart, and who could turn this down?? The only thing is wondering how well cardboard figures ship, though.

Wouldn't be cheap that size for sure. Finland to US in something big enough not to bend?

I would so buy those omg they look fantastic
Amazing! Did you say it took three weeks to do just one? Now that's beastly dedication! Thanks Gumbo123 for reposting the video. My iPad couldn't view from the original link.

I don't have the talent or patience to do something like this! This is amazing! The video itself was so well done that if you didn't state that it was your first video, I would have thought you would have been doing it for a while now. (Also the part where you just drew the face on Rhett was hilarious xD)

This is amazing!!!

Wow, truly cool. Both thumbs up and kudos to your artistry.

This is crazy cool!

Thank you all so much, your comments really mean a LOT to me. :) So awesome to hear you like my little creations.

And yeah, Rhett took almost 3 weeks to complete (because I'm such a slow worker, gosh...), Link maybe a little less. They're hanging on my wall now, keeping me company, haha. And almost every day I've thought about sending them to R & L, but I'm afraid if they'll bend or break in mail. But sending them would be awesome, really awesome.


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