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Are you having trouble coming up with your mythical beast name??? You've come to the right place.

Choosing your mythical beast name can be hard sometimes. If you are completely blank in your mind of what your mythical beast should be, here are some ways you can come up with one:

 1.) Take your favorite animal and combine it with you favorite mythical creature. You can also include the color of your beast or and adjective to describe how it looks.

2.) Take two or more of your favorite animals and combine them together. Find a unique way to combine the animal names together. One idea is to also use the scientific name of  one or more than one of the animals in your name.

3.) Try to think of a completely made up animal. You wan to try to make your mythical beast as unique as possible. Make up your own words and shape it into a creature in your mind. 

4.) Combine any animal with some sort of object, person, food, ect. 

5.) If your mythical beast name happens to have a full, real word in it, try to see if you can distort the word by changing the way that it's spelled.

6.) Combine any of the methods above together to find a new way to come up with your name.

7.) One of the most important things about coming up with your mythical beast name is to never steal anybody else's beast name. You want your beast name to be 100% original so it can stand out. (TIP: to make sure your beast name hasn't already been used by someone else, type it into the member's search bar and see if anyone else already has it.)

8.) Make sure you like your beast name enough that you are willing to keep it for as long you stay on the Kommunity. You want your mythical beast name to be apart of you, so try not to keep constantly changing it. 

If any other beasts would like to share their method on how they created their mythical beast name, please leave a comment below so new members can find other ways on how to come up with their mythical name.


Remember to have fun with your name and be as creative and original as possible!!!

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yeah right you jerk

lol moose.

I'd say another suggestion is to look at what your real name means -- it might be an animal! That's how I decided mine -- one of the meanings for "Brandon" that I found was "Little Raven".  Combined that with a scientific term from my field and voila!

Brilliant! :)

Names Are Importent Nicknames too.

Alternative MB name selection method here:


WOW! BRILLIANT IDEA! I would have never thought of that! :o

I chose my Mythical Beast name after a "mythical beast" my brother and I came up with when we were younger... A "Frank" is a mythical cross between a llama and an alpaca. It has two mouths and spits acid when it's angry.

This is a great page, and my name, Churbles, comes as a story, and also the nicknames given to said beast.

It all started with an old keyboard my dad has, there are some pretty cheesy sounds on that thing, including Churbles, but I thought nothing of it. Then later I made a comical Tumblr blog about a depressed dog, at one point the owners got a cat, and one of the funny points was that his name was an unruly cat name, like the ones given to most, Churbles. (though the alternative name I came up with was Jonbo, for the cat.) And when I came on, it came natural.

Now for a list of names that have been side-by-side with the beast, Churbles, Destroyer of Worlds (or D.O.W.), Churbles & his tongue of wonder, and Churbles, sphere o' fear.

they way i did it was i asked 5 of my friends 3 letters not the same ones tho and then i would make a name out of the letters not in random

Vyabufshtvsqghxvgqhfsvxhgfasvhxgv bgvatabzjdmdodns that's the new name of a beast


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