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So I got asked to be in a pirate contest due to my Pirate Alphabet video. I could win, but I'll need as much help as I can get. Vote for me on the site! Or even enter it if you want!


Thank yall very much, and tell me what you think of the video.



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I VOTED!  so now counting you and me that puts you only 1 vote behind The Arizona Corsairs  (they have 3 votes) in 5th place out of the 5 contestants so far.  Do you know if the site allows daily voting or only once per voter?


Also, while there I checked to see if you were in any of the other contests . . . WHAT!?!?!? no Gangnam Style for you? 



Hey man thanks. Yeah, now I have three. More the merrier is needed though.

and now there are 4 . . . except somebody's gonna catch on to you if you keep getting votes from names as fake as Art Vandelay.

Yeah no gangnam style from me.

Art isn't a real name? Moosepig said he voted.

I should have known

Known what?

that if anybody would have a Facebook account with a fake name from a make-believe Seinfeld character it would be Moosepig

I've never seen seinfeld so I wouldn't know

Because I AM the real Art Vandelay.

Would you care to buy some fine latex products?

Voted! Best wishes to ya, matey! yarr 

Arrr. Thank ye!

FYI: I tried again today to see if I could vote more than once.  No such luck.


You're now in 2nd place with 10 votes (44 votes for #1) . . . looks like we might have to put out a rally call for the MB Commandos to put you over the top!


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