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Any minute now the Kommunity is going to hit 40,000members. That's something that needs to be celebrated! Me and my fellow KommChat  friend Marco (Dramatic Squirrel) wanted to throw a kommunity party! If you reply to this discussion, we'll give you a red ribbon, a mythicality 40,000  banner AND a like on your page! We might throw in a friend request if we aren't friends with you already ;)

There is no scheduled time or date, so we'll just have to wait and see when, but you can reply to this at any time.

So come partay with us, on this thread and even on chat if you'd like. The time we hit 40,000 will be a great time.

By Marcus (LionelRichieSaur)and Marco (Dramatic Squirrel).

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Hi!!!! This is a great idea (:

I cant wait

Yay! Soon the Mythical Beasts will take over the world! 40,000 members at a time...

(Is it weird if I feel really proud right now for some reason?)

Every reply counts, and it's impossible for me to give you the banner on your page if your page is set to privateyou'll either have to send/accept my friend request, unset it from private, or just let me give ti to you here. 

Amazing how I came back to the kommunity a few days ago and now this is happening. Dat timing.

Thanks for the reminder, Marcus.  I was just in the process of sending out a message to Welcome Kommittee members whenever your discussion hit the newswire.  I always commemorate a milestone such as this with a special welkomming banner or badge and also add their info to the R&L Kommunity Timeline , which is in need of some updating anyways.


Who will the lucky #40,000 be?

Gumbo is slacking off on his self-appointed duties...

I LOVE this idea! Lets have a big beastly mythical party! I'll bring the twinkies! :D

uhn tis uhn tis uhn tis


Sounds amazing

sounds wicked! 


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