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Gutless Wonders Premiere Trailer


Gutless Wonders: The Movie


Gutless Wonders: The Musical



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Last bit?  Of one of the movies?  Or something on this page?   


hey is there suppose to be a trailer on this very page (not GWM.com) ??? cause i don see anything between the text

I cleaned up the page and added the trailer back just for you!  Enjoy : )

sooo creative

That was amazing.

Movies and soundtrack are on GutlessWondersMusical.com.  

And you can finally meet our mystery band, Bongo and the Point! 

Thanks to EVERYbody for your kind words and encouragement.

That was awesome! I really wanted to watch it yesterday but it was crashing like nobody's business. Thanks for putting all this together(:

This was so much fun!

Great work by all Mythical Beasts involved. I thoroughly enjoyed watching theese. :)

Contest time!  Find the cameos & easter eggs in Gutless Wonders: The Musical.  Deadline February 10.   

As I see it, the PURPOSE of the two GW projects was most likely three-fold:


1.  To exercise the mind, express mythical creativity and HAVE SOME FUN! 

Although I’m certain that there was a lot of hours and hard work involved, I’m equally certain that, in the end, all involved would say it was a blast to be a part of something so awesome.


2.  To encourage and internetain your friends and fellow mythical beasts. 

I highly doubt that anyone who has heard of and/or seen either of the finished projects would say otherwise.


3.  To engage and enlighten others, educate all of mankind about Rhett & Link and, as a byproduct, expand the RhettandlinKommunity thru the induction of new members worldwide. 


Hmmmmm . . . if anyone questions whether or not you were successful in achieving the goal stated in Step 3 above, I am here to report with indisputible numerical evidence:

As a member of  The (Unofficial) Welcome Kommittee, I have personally made a commitment to post a WELKOMM note on the profile page of each and every new member of the kommunity for almost 2 ½ years.  And, being the “numbers geek” that I am, records of that activity are kept. I know the name and MB Number of the very first member welcomed after the Welcome Kommittee was established in September 2010.  Then using a bit of math it is easy to show that over 21,000 new members have been welcomed over that 869-day timeframe.  Using the “exact” numbers, it has historically averaged out to 24.6 new members per day, even including the high volume of peak periods such as school breaks, Christmas vacation and two SuperNote competitions.

Rhett and Link’s announcement of the upcoming dual premiere and simultaneous kommchat event was published on YouTube at approximately 6:00AM Kavetime on Thursday, January 30, 2013 (GMM Episode #228 - - Peanut Butter VS Nutella). In the four days (96 hours) following that notice, with the dual premiere occurring about mid-way thru the period, a total of 712 NEW MEMBERS have joined the kommunity. 


That's 178 per day for an uptick in magnitude of 7.25x the normal volume.  Numbers don’t lie.




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