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Gutless Wonders Premiere Trailer


Gutless Wonders: The Movie


Gutless Wonders: The Musical



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That's really cool!

Very exciting.

the countdown is on! 

Great! Thank you all the Mythical Beasts that put this together! I am really looking forward to this! :) 


I'm definitely going to try and be there!

Oh good, maybe I'll actually get to see you finally, haha.

Absolutely! It'll make up for when I missed the last get-together.

Oh my word, they're going to be on chat? That thing is going to lag and/or crash like nobody's business. Definitely putting the event on my calendar -- very exciting! :D

you couldn't have predicted it better!  lol

Glad so this many people have confirmed attendance already. It's looking really good! Well, at least the Musical, since I haven't seen the live-action version yet. Looking forward to it!


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