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Can I get scene 13?


i'll animate scene 2    c:

questions:  -is there any special program that it'll have to be animated in? 
-who is making the voices for the Musical (talking) and how can I/we get an hold of that

-same with the songs, do you email the sound files to animate to?

will send you a message -- friend me back -- thanks

We need someone who can edit the closing credits.   Will be more like a slideshow than rolling credits.  Anyone interested? 

I can do that too.

You are the Animation KING -- thank you!

So... Do I have scene 4?

Yes -- I sent

News flash -- animation takes a LONG time.  haha!  So the deadline for completed scenes is now November 30.  (And there was great rejoicing in the Mythical Forrest.) 

Thanksgiving was not the best release date anyway as we now have participants from 7 countries!     

To help promote our incredible artists we now have:

There is just too much talent to be contained in a YouTube description.


We have a movie poster! Thanks to artist Bree Manahan. Here's her DeviantArt page -- http://bamillustration.deviantart.com/

Printable version soon! 



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