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Your new website:


OUTSTANDING!  my only "complaint" is that you guys are doing a pitiful job of promoting this thing.  I'm here all the time and only recently happened upon any of the information related to the project, when Kevin Hilt uploaded a pic earlier this week.  Before that, there was only a tiny bit of news available to generate an appetite for the viewing public.



Thanks.  We didn't want spoilers (we have some surprises) so have kept the development part of it quiet here.  But yes, we hope to bring in new people to the Komm so there's a twitter & FB page which you can link to from the site.  We definitely hope this inspires more people to check out Rhett and Link!     

This project is all kinds of awesome!

I can't wait to watch the movie! 

well this seems interesting

This is amazing!!!!!

Thanks for all the kind words!  Would love to have a few of you help us out by getting scenes done for the live action version.  They are SO close to finishing, and are still shooting for a December 25 release date.  We want BOTH projects finished ASAP.  So go to the discussion here, take a scene and film it QUICK!  Even if you've done a scene already -- take another!  Thanks, Beasts!     

New trailer for the APOCALYPSE! 

For some reason I can't watch the trailer... Oh well, I'll just watch the video when it becomes available. :)

The poster look legit. I cannot wait to see this revealed!


Try on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWgi_XMCtiA

Thanks -- we can't wait to reveal it! 

@ Donna - - sorry, but wrong video link posted. . . this is BusVlogger's Christmas Card.


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