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Well, yours WAS my inspiration. That site is amazing. Ic ould do a commercia

ha -- see this didn't post in its entirety -- was saying I could do a commercial for it then realized -- I just did : )

What songs could be made for this?

Funny ones.  Verrrry funny ones. 

I'd love to be part of something at least! is there any scene wich's empty and you think I'd fit in? :3

yes -- go here and pick your scene(s) : )  Great to have you!

Oh my goodness! I love the trailer and I can't wait until this all comes together. :)

Me too -- gonna be great -- needs more ukelele : )

We've made a lot of progress on the Pillow Song, but it clocks in at a little under two minutes. It's difficult to tell the story in any less time than that, so it would be hard to make the song shorter. I hope that who ever is doing the animating is okay with that. We might have the song finished tomorrow. How should we get the mp3 file to who it needs to get to? E-mail maybe?

That scene doesn't have an animator yet but I just messaged one to see if they would take it on. If you're done that early, it gives them plenty of time.

Don't worry about the minutes -- I doubt we're gonna hit that 15 min goal. The story is the main thing. I just got the song for the closing credits and it's pretty awesome. Considering how many are involved, we'll need that whole song, too, so no worries.

Likely email or dropbox. Depends on the animator. I would love to hear it myself! peachgeek@gmail : )

Okay, sounds good! We've finished and we're trying to E-mail it right now. :)

Would it have to be animated?


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