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So if you saw this morning you would see that they said for us to make it  instead of them. I honestly didn't read or watch every part of it, but the idea of making a film is always fun to me. So, is anyone going to do this? I'd like to do some, and I'm actually on vacation next week to maybe do so. I live in Georgia if anyone is near.

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If anyone has ideas let me know

You could splice together audio from Rhett & Link's dramatic readings as the voices for an annimated version .  It could even be still shot drawings instead of a moving annimation. 


Sorry, but I only have ideas - -  not skills.

No any ideas are welcome man.

Just found this discussion earlier today (yeah I'm slow) Your idea is actually coming to life in the musical.  Some really great animation clips coming in!  You were a prophet and didn't know it : )  Interesting to see how the two projects have evolved since these original posts!    

I am willing to try but I don't have a camera

I wanna do it too  but i like in the UK , I can have my brother/friend involved to do other parts but if there's any part you want me to do ill do it , sounds awesome ^_^

This sounds awesome! It would be cool to see what the end product will be like :)

Someone should make another thread with all the scenes in it and let each person (or group of people) get a scene. And then have a person put them all together in the end????

working on it now.

Just found this discussion today -- and so it began, eh?! 

Nice, the problem is I live in Argentina (very far away)... but I could make a scene with a couple of friends here... Is that possible?


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