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So if you saw this morning you would see that they said for us to make it  instead of them. I honestly didn't read or watch every part of it, but the idea of making a film is always fun to me. So, is anyone going to do this? I'd like to do some, and I'm actually on vacation next week to maybe do so. I live in Georgia if anyone is near.

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have you seen gas prices these day?

Yes, its a joke. Star Wars? Galaxy far far away?

oh lol my bad...haha

I'm sorry.

I was thinking about doing some animation...maybe. I don't know. I like filming things but don't personally know any teenage boys. 

Couldn't help on either end as I live in Georgia, and am 20.

But an animation can be good, I mean you have full control over it, and you can just get people to do the voices is all.

That would be nice, just trying to organize. Where you from Ivette?

That's why I'm trying to find what people are from what place. It would be easier to do if you knew where people lived.

But also who should put them together and such

you mean clips? uh depending that would be fine. If I make a trailer, I'll probably do that myself, but any scenes I'm not sure I can do without any other people.

yes yes


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