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So if you saw this morning you would see that they said for us to make it  instead of them. I honestly didn't read or watch every part of it, but the idea of making a film is always fun to me. So, is anyone going to do this? I'd like to do some, and I'm actually on vacation next week to maybe do so. I live in Georgia if anyone is near.

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I was going to film some if not the whole thing! My friends and I love filming ridiculously awesome things so this is right up our alley. If there's a specific part you're going to do let me know.

I thought of maybe just doing the trailer, but I'd like to work with other people, but not sure how many people on here are from Georgia, and would even have time to do this.

edit: And I love to film stuff as well. All my stuff is on youtube.

Just saw this discussion -- you should definitely do a trailer for the live version! 

I can see what i can do....maybe i can shoot a scene or two.

Where do you live at Jerff?


oh...there's others here from Ohio I think

Woo Ohio!

do you live in Ohio?

Yes, but I'm in the NW though. Faaaar away. 

oh lol

Well you're not in a galaxy far far away, so it should be reachable..

Am I right?


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