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Victoria (Centauromadoose) started it . . .

Lysh Fish added to the list . . .

Do you have one too?

Personally, my guess is that at least 90% of sales

for this particular item will be to


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Okay, but only if they have a fire-breathing chicken on their new album cover . . . otherwise . . . NO!

Wooo, I'm such a trendsetter. =P

here. this is a better picture!

Huzzah! for the non-mirror picture.

Gale poster in the back, love it!

ps i am melle

Yeah-yuh! A melle! :)

Proving somf of us fe-melles people about fe-mells wrong. :D

I like it with the cardigan, melle.

I take after Link and his cardigans

That's awesome. I'm a big fan of his cardigans. 

I was excited...

Don't worry, I don't always look like this. :D


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