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I appreciate clean comedy. However, I am not an idiot. I know that if you put two men in front of a camera you are going to get a little bit of adult humor thrown in. It's seemed to increase overtime with Rhett and Link's videos. A joke with a double meaning that a kid would never understand is "OK" but still not good. However, in GMM's latest episode with Chester See, they throw in the subjects of "nip slips" and "humping". Granted, they were making guesses for a trivia game about YouTubers. However, Rhett and Link both admitted to knowing that they were providing the wrong answers meaning that they intentionally brought up filthy subjects. What drew me to their show was the fact that they had fairly clean content. I never had an issue sharing the videos with younger family members or suggesting videos to friends at my church. Now I'm not so sure I want to remain subscribed to a channel that will change its standards to be more like its YouTube friends. Attached are two screen captures from the latest episode of GMM.

Rhett and Link, I hope you two see this post and think about the content you are creating. You know your content is popular with kids as most of your "It's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality" videos are made by kids. Kids look up to you and respect you as two men who brighten their day. Please consider my words. I might reconsider unsubscribing if you can go back to being a show I have no shame in sharing.


Zachary Spriggs

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I agree. I am really not liking what I hear at times.
Personally saw or heard nothing wrong in today's show

"reminds me of my uncle's dog" - while messing with lipstick... hmmm what could that mean?

Is this for real? Wow... I think you are creating a storm in a glass of water.

I don't recall hearing them specifically state that their shows are geared toward children, i.e. "I can leave the kids to watch while I do whatever/watch with them and be assured they won't see something they shouldn't." Is that what dissenters are expecting?

There are a lot of children's shows on YouTube and online in general. The majority of Youtube is NOT for kids and way worse than anything I've ever seen on RandL's channels. GMM is clearly not a children's show, and it's unreasonable of viewers to request that it be held to those standards. I personally like the direction the show is going in because it seems less superficial and blends better with the personalities they portray in other media.

Don't assume that because something is "family friendly" that it means you're off the hook. Feel free to pre-screen GMM. Explain to kids when and why something is or isn't appropriate. Kids will learn no matter what, but they'll go learn from the wrong sources if you just cover their eyes or tell them they can't watch with no explanation other than "it's wrong."

Much like everything in media, if we don't like it, we can also exercise our choice not to watch. Those in the intended target audience will take our place.

They actually said in the season 2 finale of Ear Biscuit's isn't made specifically for children, despite what some people think it wasn't actually created for children, it has just worked out that it is kid friendly but that isn't want they are going for. I don't think that anyone under 10 should been the internet alone anyway so I mean ultimately the parents should be responsible for pre-screening the videos first or at least watching it with them/have the computer in a family room where they can be monitored at all times.

And they also said that they are keeping their content appropriate for their own kids (except for Ear Biscuits) so since their kids are growing up, RL's content is maturing (but slowly and I highly doubt that GMM is going to turn into a cesspool of swearing and constant inappropriate content). And Sharpestcookieinthetoolbox is right. There are WAY worse things on YouTube. I really don't mind as to what they do but I know that others do. But I doubt that GMM is going to turn into a sort of channel where you have to tell your kids not to watch it. Out of curiosity, did anyone have to explain what "pimp" meant to a child (Rhett had a comment on pimps on Monday's episode)?

I suppose it would be rated PG (no idea what that would be in American terms) but I'm yet to see anything on GMM I wouldn't want my kids to watch, in fact they watch with me everyday. I watch other channels and keep my kids away like it's the plague.

That being said I watch GMM because I enjoy it, not because I want to sit my kids in front of it. If it ended up going in a different direction, I simply would not let them watch.

i don't like the new r&l,and because of that they have lost one mythical beast.I am no longer a subber or a follower anymore but i do hope they can improve for children.But for these times,nah.Bye bye,favourite youtuberss

Why on Earth would you unsubscribe?! The RL Channel's most definitely still "appropriate" for children and so's GMM (GMMore's a bit iffy sometimes)! Are you still going to watch RL?

They have said in Ear Biscuits that GMM it isn't a children's show so I don't see why they would improve it for children if it isn't their target audience 

And does anyone else think GMM has always been a bit dirty in places? Even all the way back to GMCL. I wonder how long it's been since some fans complaining about this have gone back and watched early episodes. 

I'm using "dirty" in the loosest possible sense here, too, because they've never really crossed past Pixar-level dirty humour. 


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