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I appreciate clean comedy. However, I am not an idiot. I know that if you put two men in front of a camera you are going to get a little bit of adult humor thrown in. It's seemed to increase overtime with Rhett and Link's videos. A joke with a double meaning that a kid would never understand is "OK" but still not good. However, in GMM's latest episode with Chester See, they throw in the subjects of "nip slips" and "humping". Granted, they were making guesses for a trivia game about YouTubers. However, Rhett and Link both admitted to knowing that they were providing the wrong answers meaning that they intentionally brought up filthy subjects. What drew me to their show was the fact that they had fairly clean content. I never had an issue sharing the videos with younger family members or suggesting videos to friends at my church. Now I'm not so sure I want to remain subscribed to a channel that will change its standards to be more like its YouTube friends. Attached are two screen captures from the latest episode of GMM.

Rhett and Link, I hope you two see this post and think about the content you are creating. You know your content is popular with kids as most of your "It's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality" videos are made by kids. Kids look up to you and respect you as two men who brighten their day. Please consider my words. I might reconsider unsubscribing if you can go back to being a show I have no shame in sharing.


Zachary Spriggs

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To be honest, it was only one video. I highly doubt they'll do it again. Mythical Beasts work together with the duo, not shame the duo. It was only that one time, they won't do it again. I know they wouldn't. They're Rhett and Link, the two who made this site for us Mythical Beasts to communicate about our love for GMM. I honestly don't even hear their little "adult jokes" because they don't even do that, all I focus on is laughter and hilarity. I don't expect all channels to be family friendly, and I still love GMM every morning regardless.

It was only one video, yes, but like I said, it's been increasing over time. As they've gained more and more popularity, they've shaped their content around other YouTubers who don't make clean content in order to draw in a larger crowd.

Then that's your opinion and I'm not gonna try to change it. But just know that Rhett and Link wouldn't betray their Mythical Beasts. I know for a fact that they wouldn't do those sorts of videos on purpose. If it was part of the show, it was part of the show. I'm never influenced by bad content, nor would it affect me.

I love Rhett and Link. They are the reason I joined this site, and I am never going to lose my faith in them.

I am sorry if I am wrong or anything. I did not mean for any disturbance and argumentative attitude.

You don't need to apologize. You are the coolest person I've talked to from the fan base, actually. Every point you made is completely valid and you treated my opinion with respect. I appreciate that and I'll take what you said and hope you are correct. Thank you.

It's no trouble and thank you, it means a lot. :) We are Mythical Beasts. We look out for each other. It's in our mythical bloodstream.

Sorry that you were offended by these two words but personally I saw nothing wrong at all. Just harmless fun but I won't go into my opinions.

I understand where your opinion is coming from, but I would challenge your assertion that GMM is "a channel that will change its standards to be more like its YouTube friends" or that "they've shaped their content around other YouTubers who don't make clean content in order to draw in a larger crowd." Rhett and Link have been in Internetainment/YouTube officially since 2007; they've long had, and continue to make, friends in the YouTube business. They're always meeting other big-name, popular YouTubers. They feature friends and people they admire or respect on their show, and yes, some of those people have more grown-up content on their respective channels -- but I don't see how inviting friends in the same business as you to be guests means Rhett and Link are disingenuously fishing for more viewers.

In an Ear Biscuit or GMM (sorry I can't remember the exact source currently), Rhett and Link once said that their GMM content is usually stuff they'd be comfortable showing their own children. Rhett and Link are in their late 30s, and their kids are growing up -- Locke and Lilly are about 12 years old now. As far as I see it, if they're slipping in more innuendo now and then, it's because they believe their audience is capable of handling it and they feel more comfortable letting that side of themselves show on camera now.

I guess basically what I'm saying is that the innuendo and mildly more adult content you've noticed over time is still a product of Rhett and Link's own personalities and humor -- the only difference is that they've generally kept it off-camera in the past. Rhett and Link haven't changed their humor to be like anyone else. I understand if that type of content makes you and others uncomfortable, but it's my opinion that any inclusions like that are the result of Rhett and Link's own personalities and choices, not a sinister marketing move.

***my personal opinions***

Well said, Victoria! I didn't know about the content comment before, but that totally makes sense since they are watching their kids grow up and try to keep up with and understand a new generations, which must be a difficult task for sure! I commented on this separately too, but just wanted to add with yours that I want the guys to remain themselves as well.. That's what makes them awesome. :)

I'm really torn in the middle of this because I'm at an age where I love clean friendly fun, but also have been exposed to the other side, so I know when it's too much and not appropriate.

So, sadly, I have to agree with this on some level. Though they are probably one of the most family friendly YouTubers out there right now, with no cussing at least, I have noticed in a lot of videos that what you've said is true. Especially with the guys taking off their shirts or changing clothes, or having any reason at all to be nearly naked at various points. I feel that it's especially too much for young teens. Deer gawd, there are so many young people just obsessed with their appearance, it's very very scary (i.e. dark hole of Twitter and Youtube). So the guys might want to be more careful about that. 

They do have kids of their own, and they know that their kids and wives watch the show, so in some way, I believe they are a bit careful, but also, GMM and whatever else they put up on their channel is all their ideas and production. So, I wouldn't want the guys to completely lose themselves over restrictions about language or vagrant images, but again, I agree they should definitely be more considerate.

Lately, I think that they've been doing pretty good. If you look at both their channels, overall, there's only a handful of videos I wouldn't show to others. I understand it's a tough place to be in to try to appeal to all ages without being completely ridiculous. :) I appreciate you bringing this topic up because I have thought about it in the back of my mind a few times. Hopefully, they will see this thread and try to think more about who their viewers are and try to be considerate of all as best they can. -Respect. 

Wow, thank you! I love when I find something clean to watch because that means I can include my nieces and nephews when I watch something. I don't want to leave them out when I watch something and I don't feel like watching cartoons meant for toddlers so that's actually why I brought this up. I suggested this channel to my nieces and nephews because I assumed the content would be clean enough that even if there was a dirty joke that they wouldn't understand it and could watch it by themselves.

I watch it with my kids everyday, they love it. My daughter actually cries if their music gets turned off if I put it on by accident :)

Son ran around shouting ME NATURE for about an hour, so yeah that means he liked it


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