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Would you rather wear a suit made out of eyebrow hair for one month [continuously], OR having to shave off only one of your eyebrows FOREVER. [meaning, always re-shaving the same one. forever.]

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Well it depends ... whos eyebrows are the sute composed of ? is it cleen? could I use magic marker to replace my missing eyebrow? dose the entire sute have to be made of eyebrows? could i ware cufflinks? would i have to tell eveyone it was an eyebrow sute? could i ware an eyepatch covering my missing eyebrow? if i had to choose without knowing any of the above information i would go with the eyebrow sute because it takes less effort to ware a sute for a month than it dose to shave my eyebrow for the rest of my life.
the second!!! i'd find that so awesome!!! XD


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