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Dirty Thirty Movie Tugg Screenings: See Rhett and Link on the Big Screen?

I'm trying to gather some Mythical Beasts to join me for a screening of Dirty Thirty in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I know there are many other tentative showings that need more people to get tickets in order to make them happen. Any Wisconsin Mythical Beasts? Anyone else looking for people to join in? We still need 67 more people by September 26th to make ours happen. Does anyone have any ideas for gathering more people and spreading the word? I've been spreading the word on my Twitter and Tumblr as well as I can. It would be wonderful to see Rhett and Link on the big screen (alongside the other great YouTubers, of course.)

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I get the group movie viewing idea, but what is a "TUGG"?

It's a website that's linked from dirtythirty.com for special showings of the movie in theaters where it wouldn't otherwise be shown. If enough people pre-order tickets to one of these showings, they will show it, if not, no show!

I'll give it a little Komm social media promo tonight. :)

Thanks, you do great work promoting important stuff with the Komm account!

One of these is virtually 1/2 mile from my house . . . and still not going.

Rhett & Link made it onto IMDB's "full cast and crew" listing in the 20th & 21st positions, respectively, well below DJ Flula and the unnamed Homeless Man but at least above Party Guest (uncredited)

Noticed also that the credits are linked to newly created empty profile pages instead of the actual profiles for either Rhett or Link . . . that's why there is no photo image next to their names.


Rhett James McLaughlin Rhett James McLaughlin ...
Dude #1
Link Neal Link Neal ...
Dude #2


Rhett McLaughlin Rhett McLaughlin ...
Link Neal Link Neal ...

I don't mind if they only have a couple minutes of a cameo in the movie, I'm still going to enjoy it, and I'm certain there are many other Mythical Beasts who would, as well!


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