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All pre-orders are now closed.

Clearly Canadian has opened up an additional pre-order stretch campaign on Indiegogo. If you are a resident of the U.S. or Canada, you have a second chance to order a case of Clearly Canadian! Get it before the campaign closes on June 10!


Unfortunately, backers of the Indiegogo campaign will not be eligible for the Rhett and Link livestream toast event.




Congrats, Mythical Beasts -- we made this happen! Pre-orders of Clearly Canadian have finally passed the minimum 25,000 mark, as confirmed by Rhett and Link on their Tumblr.


Did you pre-order a case? What flavor did you get?

If you haven't ordered, you can still pre-order until the cases go into production around March/April! Remember that pre-ordering comes with the rewards of a Livestream with R&L to toast with our Clearly Canadian bottles, plus an exclusive tour of the new R&L studio.

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For my 16th birthday, I asked  for a case of Orchard Peach Clearly Canadian, not a car, not jewelry, I asked for a case of clearly Canadian mostly so I could join in on the live stream with Rhett and Link. My family thought it was weird, but after 16 years they are a little used to me and my mythicalness by now.

Well done!  A tip of the cap.

when did you becomea fan,theyy wasn't a thing 16 years ago 

Does anybody know when the livestream is or when we'll receive the link to it?

see my post of 20th feb

Hi! Anyone know if we can still get in on the livestream etc if we order now?

I'm not too late, am I???

I don't think you are too late.  I place an order back in early Feb. and got the following message from Clearly Canadian on Feb. 19:

"We will now be placing our first large commercial glass order for Clearly Canadian and production will be officially announced when the first bottles arrive at the factory, most likely in May 2015."

That was the last update I got.


You're not too late. Any orders before the first production get access to the stream.

I just thought I'm jump in here and say you have till May 4th to pre-order to join in with the Live toast with R&L

Remember, the final day to pre-order cases of Clearly Canadian is Monday, May 4! Their goal is to have the product manufactured and in purchasers' hands by August.

If you still want a chance to attend the livestream with Rhett and Link, be sure to order by Monday.

Email update from Clearly Canadian looks like won't be shipping till September now (they say August if bottle maker works miracles). And they are offering more pre-orders on indegogo but this does not include the Rhett and Link perk https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/clearly-canadian-is-back-presale...

Also a note, the new pre order states US and Canada only shipping, but when I preordered ages ago you could chose outside the US as shipping (and I did) I also noted others outside the US and Canada pre-ordering. So wonder if international was a perk of original to try and get more sales or an error.

Their website FAQs state that they ship worldwide, so I don't think it was an error of the original campaign. I suspect they might have cut out worldwide shipping on the Indiegogo stretch campaign to minimize their total international orders, as that creates more cost for them.

Another theory -- in the email they mentioned the stretch campaign was born of interest from news stories published about Clearly Canadian coming back. That means the second wave of interest isn't from worldwide R&L fans -- it's from people who actually experienced Clearly Canadian in the past, which means they're primarily consumers in the U.S. and Canada. It might just be a different target audience in this case.


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