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All pre-orders are now closed.

Clearly Canadian has opened up an additional pre-order stretch campaign on Indiegogo. If you are a resident of the U.S. or Canada, you have a second chance to order a case of Clearly Canadian! Get it before the campaign closes on June 10!


Unfortunately, backers of the Indiegogo campaign will not be eligible for the Rhett and Link livestream toast event.




Congrats, Mythical Beasts -- we made this happen! Pre-orders of Clearly Canadian have finally passed the minimum 25,000 mark, as confirmed by Rhett and Link on their Tumblr.


Did you pre-order a case? What flavor did you get?

If you haven't ordered, you can still pre-order until the cases go into production around March/April! Remember that pre-ordering comes with the rewards of a Livestream with R&L to toast with our Clearly Canadian bottles, plus an exclusive tour of the new R&L studio.

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FYI - - -> for historical reference and continuity purposes, listed below are links to the GMM Daily discussion thread for the original episode where Rhett and Link first discovered that the Nectar of the Great White North was making a comeback and other related threads on this topic . . .


I'm going to close out the discussion on those two GMM Episode threads. 

Any future discussion of CLEARLY CANADIAN will be redirected here.

I ordered Cherry, really hope it doesn't taste like cherry cough syrup >.< Most cherry flavored things are, but hopefully not Clearly Canadian. :)

For me it was between the Cherry and Blackberry, ended up with the cherry on a coin flip.  I'm with you Zach.

Blackberry, cos that's usually my go to flavor for new things, if it ain't got a blackberry flavor worth my while, it ain't worth my while :D

I broke down and bought a case of the blackberry. Partly because shipping is included in the price, partly because Link wore my sweater again (hehe).

I still have no idea if it will be feasible for me to attend the livestream, but if it is and I didn't buy a case I would be totally bummed. Hopefully it will be after this semester ends... or at least not during one of my classes.

Same here (not the sweater part, lol), I couldn't pass up the livestream.  I'm not as attached to the stuff as R&L, but I do vividly remember the commercials and had it a few times back in it's heyday.

I used to have it as a kid, also. I actually hadn't realized the stuff wasn't around anymore until the guys started talking about it. "Outta sight, outta mind" I guess, lol. 

50% of my choice to buy a case was the livestream, 25% was R&L sponsored it, 12.5% was cherry flavored things are AWESOME, and the final 12.5% was the awesome glass bottles. 

Very true, I had totally forgotten as well. I've been talking to my friends about it and posted on Facebook about it and have gotten more response and discussion than I was expecting.  Guess it really has brought back memories for a lot of people, if not the drink itself, but of childhood memories.

I kind wonder/suspect someone out there who ordered Clearly Canadian has the software or other technology to record the livestream and later share it with those who couldn't attend...but you didn't hear the idea from me...

Ah, I see... :-)

I was wondering the same thing.. I wont have technology this summer and wouldnt be able to attend the live stream even if i did buy a case.. :(


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