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Hey i have noticed that sometimes it wont show whose online over on the side but yet we can see people chatting

Also at times you can not scroll through the chat

AND sometimes the sound does not work

Anna said that the screennames and pictures dont always line up either

We did find out this is a ning issue and we can not fix this please be patient with us

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i TOTALLY agree with you there!!
A few days ago, I was replying to a message in the chat with a smiley. The smiley then began posting OVER AND OVER again, so people thought I was spamming, when in truth, the chat was doing it automatically. Talk about embarrassing! It was probably a one time glitch, but I just thought I should say something about it. =)
I agree, or maybe if someone is in the chat for a really long amount of time to mark them as "idle" or sign them out of chat, so people won't be like "oh my god! _____ is here!!" and be disappointed when they're not responding.
any updates on the crappy chat feature???

i really want to use it more but i can't get past all the problems it has! boo. it appears from Stephanie's original post that nothing has improved over the past two months. come on ning! hire the e-hermit - i bet he could fix it. :)
Guys, is the chat not working AT ALL for anyone else today? =/
It's blown for me, Jeanette (The Horphin), Catie (The Twin Leprechuan), and Charlie Robert's, that's all I know of though,
I actually have a question about the chat on ustream. hope that's ok.

When I watch the kast, my computer usually locks up at some point and I have to refresh (that's just my less than awesome internet connection). But when I try to sign back into the chat, it refreshes the chat screen and stays blank. I can put my info in, but when I hit "Log in," the chat screen goes blank.

Any ideas why this is happening? Does it happen to anyone else? Thanks!
It's a bummer, isn't it?? Well, I guess we're all addicts, aren't we? Our lives are boring when the chat doesn't work... maybe it's a good time to follow Lynn's advice... get out! Go get a cheeseburger!!! :P

Catie (Twin Leprechaun) said:
The chat isn't working right now ... O_O


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