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Would you like to be a part of the volunteer team that keeps the Kommunity ticking? As we grow, we'll be looking for willing helpers, so give a shout here and we may tap you! If there's something specific you'd like to do, feel free to let us know! Thanks!

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I'll do basically anything. Is there an age limit for the volunteers? I've always wanted to help out, but I've always been too young.
Who wouldn't?! I would totally love to be a volunteer if you ever need one, and I'd be willing to do just about anything.
Ooh ooh pick me!! haha

I would love to help in anyway possible, are there certain things in particular that you would need help with?
Hola...I think you know what I'm around for...:) on standbye, awaiting word on how I can help more.
I'd love to volunteer!

I am a stay at home mom, so I have lots of time with access to a computer. Let me know if you need me to help!
I would love to help in any way possible! I'm available most of the time and am a dedicated and hard worker.
I would definitely love to help out! I'm willing to do whatever you guys might need. :)
Let me know what I can do.
I'm very willing to help. I have a lot of extra time on my hands...and I have some experience with ning forums. If you need anything at all I'm up for it! =)
i'll help....jack of all trades...master of none...hit me up...
I would love to help out with just about anything.
Hmm, I'll volunteer for mostly anything. :)


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