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A KBE established and organized by: Table Foster (Therizinorapter) and Marcus Bean (LionelRichieSaur)

Alright Beasts, let's write a story. Each Mythical Beast pitches in a sentence, and another Mythical Beast must reply with another sentence. Got it? Good!


1) Your sentence have to be related to Rhett and Link (or mythicality)

2) No randomness, every sentence must FOLLOW THE STORY.

3) SENTENCES only, the only person able to put in more than a sentence, or less than a sentence is Table Foster (Therizinorapter). This is to eliminate confusion.

4) Nothing in this discussion besides sentences! If you have questions contact Marcus Bean or Table Foster. We'll both accept all friend requests so you can message us :). You may also find us in chat or comment on our walls.


6) READ THE WHOLE STORY, Not just the one replied to before that.

7) If any of these are broken, your post will be DELETED or DISREGARDED. 

Thank you!



*We'll worry about illustrations later, for now, let's write!


9/8: We should start wrapping up the story!

-Marcus Bean and Table Foster.

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Bevedere ran over to intervene in the battle, "Please cease all conflict, O fabled and revered mythical duo, I need your assistance in finding the realm of Baconlandia where I may live out my days in love and acceptance.....and a zebra needs some pants."

continued from Marsey Thomas: Belvedere ran over to intervene in the battle,"please cease all conflict, O fabled and revered mythical duo, (etc)

"Wait, zebras wear PANTS?" Link was abashed. Rhett, however, had last seen those "zebra pants" on a strange squirrel-like beast commonly known as the Randler.

"The Randler is normally found near the Mythical Tree," said Link, "It's a bit far away from the trail to Baconlandia - but if you actually decide to go out to the tree and back this way to reach your destination, we might reward you with our Mythical Mail Boulder."

"Oh, fabled and revered mythical duo look upon me with favor as I undertake this quest to the Mythical Tree and the strange squirrel-like creature known as the Randler",said Belvedere, "I pledge to return with the pants in exchange for the Mythical Mail Boulder."

she ran across the nearby feild, and saw the Mythical tree across a big-top/pond full of vicious clownsharks! she had to use her drutter to knock them out with mythical shoes.

Flooom! S/he spewed fire at a nearby firework, which blew into the air, spelling "Freelance Fireworks Hall of Fame." When s/he looked back towards the trunk of the Mythical tree, the ghastly clownshark was gone.

And there, leaning against the tree was the randler. he was wearing the pants that dope zebra wanted, and they were Christmas sweatz! "randler,"  Bevedere said "i am in desperate need of the pants that you possess." but the randler said: "none may take these pants unless they take a challenge that will determine their knowlege of........... HOW TO KILL A MUSTACHE!!!

Confused Bevedere  accepted the challenge when a small homeschooler robbed the Randler blind!  The Christmas sweatz were gone!  The homeschooler was nowhere to be seen, that is not to be seen by any human being, only a mythical beast could track him.

The Randler pulled his boots up his leg and flexed his wings, the curly-haired homeschooler was getting away, but not on The RandLer's watch.

With a swift flick of the tail, the RandLer swung himself out of the tree. He and Belvedere searched the nearby forests, but couldn't find any sign of the thief. Then, suddenly, Belvedere noticed a track of small mythical shoe prints, leading behind a large, even more mythical wheel.

They ran around it just in time to see the homeschooler suddenly spin the wheel and disappear into thin air. Without warning, Randler grabbed Belvedere with one hand and spun the wheel with the other. In a matter of moments, they appeared on a strange street that was filled dancing dope zebras.

After landing on the mythical street of Dope Zebra's, Belvedere decided to be a thoughtful guy and try to break loose from Randler. Randler finally loosened its grip and dropped Belvedere face first into a giant pile of pillows, he soon realized that he was now surrounded by Dope Zebra's.

The dope zebras followed in close pursuit.


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