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A KBE established and organized by: Table Foster (Therizinorapter) and Marcus Bean (LionelRichieSaur)

Alright Beasts, let's write a story. Each Mythical Beast pitches in a sentence, and another Mythical Beast must reply with another sentence. Got it? Good!


1) Your sentence have to be related to Rhett and Link (or mythicality)

2) No randomness, every sentence must FOLLOW THE STORY.

3) SENTENCES only, the only person able to put in more than a sentence, or less than a sentence is Table Foster (Therizinorapter). This is to eliminate confusion.

4) Nothing in this discussion besides sentences! If you have questions contact Marcus Bean or Table Foster. We'll both accept all friend requests so you can message us :). You may also find us in chat or comment on our walls.


6) READ THE WHOLE STORY, Not just the one replied to before that.

7) If any of these are broken, your post will be DELETED or DISREGARDED. 

Thank you!



*We'll worry about illustrations later, for now, let's write!


9/8: We should start wrapping up the story!

-Marcus Bean and Table Foster.

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Belvedere caught him. she took the sweatz from him, and said to the pursuing horde of dope zebras: "attention! i need to get these to a certain member of the dope zebra tribe. please let me pass!" 

The Head Zebra replied to Belvedere saying, "Young Cockatrice, we are not out to harm you. The zebra you speak of is an outcast from our tribe, he just wants these garments to make himself look MORE mythical than the rest of us. Give back the pants, return to the fabled and mythical duo and then complete your quest."

Though Belvedere felt like he failed Dope Zebra when he gave the Leader the pants, he was happy that he could return to his goal: getting to Baconlandia. He turned around and saw the RandLer jumping towards the pile of pillows. Before it had a chance to teleport back to Ojai Valley, Belvedere grabbed its foot to catch a ride.

Upon arriving back in Ojai Valley, Belvedere and the RandLer once again set out to find the revered and mythical duo, Rhett and Link, and to learn the directions to the wonderful place called Baonlandia.

But the Mythical Duo was nowhere to be seen. They searched through all Ojai Valley,  and could not find them. As they were knocking on doors, the RandLer spotted what  he thought to be a cheetah riding a car. 'Nope' said Belvedere. 'It's Chuck Testa!'
The car parked in front of the house. Its mailbox had 'Julie McNight' written on it. 'Let's go! He might know something.' said Belvedere, and they hurried towards the house. 

Belvedere and Randler went into the house, and saw Chuck testa talking to Julie McNight. Belvedere Adressed Chuck Testa saying: "chuck testa, i need to know where the mythical duo are so that i can continue my quest for baconlandia. do you know where they are?" Julie interrupted: "i just saw them drive by in their ford bronko. they stopped by and said something about getting a call from an ailien world! they are headed over to S.E.T.I!!!

Belvedere thanked her and rushed outside. "Let's go right away!" he exclaimed. The RandLer shook his head and mumbled, "I don't know the way..."

Suddenly the Steampunk Tooth Fairy appeared in front of them. "I was there last night, looking for a replacement dollar bill machine," he said. "I've always been suspicious about where they get their 'funding'. Anyhow, I can take you there."

So the Steampunk ToothFairy grabbed Belvedere and the RandLer and flew them all the way to the S.E.T.I institute.
He left them right at the entrance of the building. They walked in and began to search for Rhett and Link. After a few minutes they could hear muttering coming from another room.
"So, do you have bacon in your planet and stuff?" said Link's voice.
'of course! Wait, how do you know what bacon is?" said a voice in a canadian accent.

as it came out of the shadow it was a 6'5 toddler.


Eventually, though, Belvedere realized that if she and Chuck Noris could not do such a task together, the recruitment of several people of high status, skill, and importance was necessary, and luckily she knew exactly who to start with.



Belvedere followed the sound of Link's voice into the depths of the building. Upon seeing the fabled and revered mythical duo, poor, weary Belvedere rushed over and knelt at their feet. "Please, please, tell me how to find the way to the wonderful place known as Baconlandia." The mythical duo looked down at the little cockatrice with kindness in their eyes. "Arise, and look no further", they declared, "Baconlandia was always within your reach. It is a magical place in the heart of every mythical beast who loves bacon." Belvedere was very happy but confused. "I've come a long way, O fabled and revered duo, how will I get back home?" Rhett and Link each rubbed the tired cockatrice's head with a strip of crisp, fresh bacon and told her to repeat the words, "Bacon makes it better" three times. In a flash Belvedere was back in her cozy nest with the smell of bacon lingering around. Everyone was happy and overjoyed at her return and vowed to be more understanding in the future.


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