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Ok, I'm making a  comic. About Night Link, Night Rhett and the Mythical Beasts and their separate Adventures. And YOU as a Mythical Beast can be in the comic. You probably won't have like a big part, but an extra with a couple lines. 

My Mythical Beast (at this moment in time) is a Dongle. So I'd be a dongle in the comic, I wouldn't be Marcus Bean. And in the description of the comic you're in it should say this.






Chuck Testa

Marcus Bean


And a link to your page. So reply saying that you wanna be in it! And you can! 

I can only do three or four people per comic. S don't worry if you aren't in there the first time!

Comic #1: Cloud (The Fluffy Dragon). Marco (Dramatic Squirrel). Mandi (Nerdfighter).

Comic #2: Sir Jeff Flame {Royal fire pony}. Nitzan (Waffletoast). Halena (Alicorn).

Comic #3: Erin (EMC2). Camille  (beautiful Chameleon).  Donna (peachgeek).

Comic #4: Alexis Poe (Indigo Sparrow). the Pogon. Top Dog Jen (Baconaiter).

Comic #5: Jason Queen (Emo Turtle), K-La V. [LANDSHARK],   Joseph Elliot (Angha)

Comic #6 (EPIC FINALE):  D.B. Beyer (Puca),

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PICK ME :D I wanna be a turtle with emo hair ^-^


I don't know if you're still putting more people in the comic, but I would love to be in it:D


Anyone who has specific instructions of what they want their character to be and/or look like, can shoot me a message of a DIGITAL drawing  on PNG file with a BLANK/TRANSPARENT background.

This is encouraged^^^

So far SIXTEEN Mythical Beasts will be appearing in the series of comics which (for your information) are STILL being made. So if you could help me out and make your MB on a PNG file and send it to me.

my character for the comic


i would like to be in

Oh and i am a weretiger


its like a werewolf but a tiger


sure i will be in your comic

I do please
I would like to help rheet or link in the story that they need to get done

If you don't have a mythical beast then you cannot be in the comic. And it is very likely for new people on the komm to never return, If I see you or Gavin (floyd the worm) more, You can be in. But you still need to have an MB.

I would love to be in one!

I would like to be in your comic! :) Even if I only have one line or something. Winged Centaurs are pretty self explanatory. 

I want to be in one


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