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Ok, I'm making a  comic. About Night Link, Night Rhett and the Mythical Beasts and their separate Adventures. And YOU as a Mythical Beast can be in the comic. You probably won't have like a big part, but an extra with a couple lines. 

My Mythical Beast (at this moment in time) is a Dongle. So I'd be a dongle in the comic, I wouldn't be Marcus Bean. And in the description of the comic you're in it should say this.






Chuck Testa

Marcus Bean


And a link to your page. So reply saying that you wanna be in it! And you can! 

I can only do three or four people per comic. S don't worry if you aren't in there the first time!

Comic #1: Cloud (The Fluffy Dragon). Marco (Dramatic Squirrel). Mandi (Nerdfighter).

Comic #2: Sir Jeff Flame {Royal fire pony}. Nitzan (Waffletoast). Halena (Alicorn).

Comic #3: Erin (EMC2). Camille  (beautiful Chameleon).  Donna (peachgeek).

Comic #4: Alexis Poe (Indigo Sparrow). the Pogon. Top Dog Jen (Baconaiter).

Comic #5: Jason Queen (Emo Turtle), K-La V. [LANDSHARK],   Joseph Elliot (Angha)

Comic #6 (EPIC FINALE):  D.B. Beyer (Puca),

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Oooooh can I be in it?

Marcus you should make a Night Link and Rhett about them visiting places they have made commercials for.

every good comic needs a waffletoast or two, you shuld put me in.

Can I please be in it? :)

Of course. I might need a description of an Alicorn though...

I'm not completely certain, but if there were two L's then the ALLICORN would look like this:


No, XD. She told me it was just a flying unicorn.

I'd love to be in a comic! Since my screen name is EMc2, I envision my character to be like a female Einstein. Maybe in a lab coat with some glasses and crazy hair! :)

Can I be in it? *Does puppy dog eyes* Please?


thanks :)     

I'd love to be in it too!


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