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Well I'm not quite a true fan.

I love Rhett & Link vids on Youtube and have been on the R&L community site NING for some time now. However today I came one step closer to being a True Fan! I downloaded and paid for Rhett & Link MP3's! Final step to becoming a true fan is watching a live webcast! One day I will be a true fan!

have you completed all stages to be a Rhett & Link fan or are there any others I need to do to increase my fan status!

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Hmm, all I can say is just watch, comment, and rate everything they put out, my friend! Or even better, make a video response! I think I've done pretty much the whole nine yards when it comes to Rhett and Link fandom, Bought Mp3s, spent hours/days attempting to watch all of their videos, commented on blog posts, watched the Kasts...and of course joined the Kommunity. Actually, I would consider you a "true fan", Neil. =P =)
I dunno... I think the next step he can take is to make himself an original icon to use around the Kommunity. No more of this generic green R&L square business. :-P

Oh, you HAVE to participate in a CBE (Community Building Exercise) to be a true fan! Good thing we've got one going on right now!
Yup, the CBE is like the secret ingredient to being a TRUE RhettandLink Fan!
Steps to becoming a "true" R&L fan (in no certain order):

1. Watch the live Kasts
I have been watching nearly all the live shows for the past year and a half, and I've only missed two live. I've watched all of the recordings for the shows that I have missed/wasn't there to watch. Also, call in when you can! It's fun getting to chat with them.

2. Watch their videos
I've seen all R&L videos AT LEAST twice, if not 3 times each. Comment and rate them five stars, too! Maybe leave a video response! Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to their main channel (RhettandLink). That's probably the #1 thing! Subscribing to RhettandLink2 (their second channel) could also help, for watching behind the scenes videos and other things.

3. Participate in the CBE!
I've participated in 7/8 of the CBE's! (and won one!) They're veeeeery fun! Plus, who doesn't want to win a Secret Song or R&L video prop?!

4. Buy/download their music
I'm proud to say that I have over 70 R&L songs on my iTunes right now!

5. Become a member of the Kommunity
Interact with others on the Kommunity. Post photos, comment forums, write blogs.. do everything! Obviously you've already done this, so it's not a problem. Haha

Additional things you can do:
6. Buy a R&L shirt or other item
7. Stalk them on Twitter
8. Fan them on Facebook/MySpace
9. Look through their Flickr photos
10. Read/comment their blog (check daily for new posts!)

I'd say this is a pretty good list of things if you want to be a super fan!
check, check and.....check. i'm glad to know i qualify to be a super fan!

great list Megan! i really have done all these things - if not numerous times. :) especially the stalking part, hehe.


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