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Hey, Beasts – nominations for the People’s Voice categories of the 20th annual Webby Awards were announced today, and Rhett and Link are nominated!!

Rhett and Link have also been listed as honorees (not part of the voting) in the following categories:

Congratulations to Rhett and Link for the recognitions. Now let’s get out there and vote for Good Mythical Morning! :)



The Webby Awards announced via Snapchat the winner of the People's Choice vote for Online Film & Video - Web Personality, and guess who won? :) RHETT AND LINK, of course!

Congrats to Rhett and Link for winning this vote-based award. It's all thanks to you Mythical Beasts who voted for Rhett and Link to win, so big shout-out to YOU, too! :D

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Wow! This is so cool!

Wow, so I guess they have to make submission videos for consideration for some of the awards that they want. That's pretty cool, and I bet it takes a lot of time to put together! Always working! :D I really loved the Back Up Plan series. I hope to see more of that if they keep getting sponsored. I'll be voting! Good luck to them! 

On it!

Signed up and voted!

Actually voted b4 i stumbled across your post, but Didn't realize i could vote daily, so thanks! BTW, they're up to 30 %!

Are you sure you can vote daily? I'm not able to vote again.

Hmm, yes it should be daily. I've been able to vote once per day since the start using a couple different accounts. I also contacted the Webby Awards via social media and they confirmed it's once per day. I don't know if the login you use makes a difference, but I've always been logging in via Twitter accounts.

also, make sure you use a REAL e-mail when signing up, because the Webby site will send a confirmation message that must be responded to before your vote actually counts.

Hm, yep, I did all that. Tried logging out and back in. It just shows me which one I voted for.

The same thing has been happening to me...

We're winning! We're at 37%

Tyler Oakley's at 30% and everyone else... well, they don't have much of a chance (but I do like Daryl Hall (his songs are awesome and he was born on the same day as Rhett (not the same year)!))

GMM took the lead.keep up voting mythical beasts


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