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It was the 9th of July, and there was a strong wind outside. Lola, Britany, Tiffany and April were having a sleepover at Lola’s house. Her parents were on vacation and Lola’s little brother was at her grandparents’ house. They decided to watch a scary movie to make the night more interesting. They were pretty creeped out, but they laughed about it because they didn’t want to show each other they were scared. We should stay up all night and see who can stay awake the longest said Lola. They all agreed. Britany called to order a pizza and they went  to sit in the living room. It was a fun night and they were just listening to music. The bell rang and Tiffany went to pay for the pizza, when she opened the door she saw just the pizza, she shrugged but she just picked it up and went inside. When she put the pizza on the table she saw her hands were all red, and when she looked on the floor there were red drops everywhere. She screamed and her friends came running inside, April asked what’s going on and Tiffany showed her hands. O it’s probably just tomato sauce Tiff. Tiffany was still upset about it, but Lola reassured her and said it’s just the movie messing with your mind. Wait be quiet I think I heard something ,said Britany. They all listened and they heard someone crying softly. When they went to the corridor they heard a scream, Lola looked pale and she said ; I think it’s my brother. It can’t be your brother he’s at your grandparents place said April. They decided to check upstairs just to be sure, but they were definitely scared at this point. Lola went first and she felt her heart beating heavily in her chest. The lights flickered and all of the sudden the TV in the master bedroom jumped on and the program was about weird unsolved murders, and Tiffany started crying. April said ‘don’t be stupid it’s probably just some electricity malfunction and your being a baby’. Britany was standing in the doorway watching her friends and not saying much. She felt a warm air in her neck and her breath stocked. She slowly turned around and saw nothing, but when she looked to the end of the hallway she saw a glimpse of a face just before it went around the corner. She started walking towards the room and when she turned around the corner she saw the pizza guy laying in Lola’s brothers bed. His face all bloody red.

There was a trail of blood from the window to the bed. She felt paralyzed and everything went in slow-motion. She heard someone screaming and felt footsteps coming closer towards her. Hands were grabbing her and shake her. ‘Brit!’ she heard softly ‘Brit!’ she heard louder. She realized it was her screaming and she stopped still paralyzed. ‘He…he is dead.’ She stuttered. April went closer towards the body. They were all terrified. April pulled the sheet away from the body. She jumped back full of disgust and terror. Lola gasped and threw up. The pizza guy was ripped open from chest to toe. Were his organs  supposed to be, where replaced with wool, his feet were sowed together like bear feet. His stomach was closed with a button. ‘I can’t handle this anymore!’ said Tiffany with her still red hands. ‘He is a freaking teddy bear!’ she screamed. ‘what kind of sick minded person does this?’ said Britany softly. They heard a scream again, it came from the master bedroom. Lola stood up straight and said ‘I’m not going in there.’ ‘But we have to, we need to see who it is.’ Said Tiffany. April was already on her way to the bedroom. ‘Why don’t we just call 911?’ asked Lola. ‘They take longer to be here then we.’ Said April over her shoulder. ‘I’m still going to call 911, they have to know what is going on.’ Said Lola grabbing her phone. She dialed the number when she was in the bedroom. Britany entered last. ‘911, what is your emergency?’ asked the lady on the phone. Lola didn’t respond she was to shocked. There he was, her little brother. In the bed of her parents , with her grandparents. They lay the same way as the pizza guy. Only this time the corpses lay exposed to the four girls. ‘What is your emergency?’ asked the lady again. Lola cried and full of shock she said ‘My brother is murdered. My grandparents too.’  Tears streamed down her eyes. Then the door behind them hit close en Lola dropped the phone on the ground.

The lady on the phone heard screaming and then a raspy voice saying ‘Now it is your turn.’ 

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