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It is interesting to me that in most cases it takes a death to revive a life, that it takes pain to remind of pleasure, and that it takes loss to show what is had. We go through life so wrapped up in trivial matters, that we take the most important things for granted. Don't we realize that our breath is not our own? Can't we see that we are living not on our own time? It frustrates me that I only stop to re-evaluate my life when I'm met with devastating situations. Why does it take death to rekindle life? Why should it take pain to prove pleasure still exists? Why does experiencing loss remind so brutally of what was and is still had? I grieve for the loss of my long-ago friend, Sam. Yet his death has revived my life, and this pain I'm feeling now only shows how much joy he brought to the world. This loss that we are all experiencing will continue to remind us of all that we had in Sam, and of all that we have in our dearest relationships.

Your death is not in vain. You have taught me this lesson, and you will continue to teach it for years to come.

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