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So my brother had won a giant bag of Skittles, and when I saw them I thought, "We should make Skittle milk!" Then I thought, "No, we should make Skittle milkshakes!" I got permission from my brother to use his Skittles, and then I got my dad to get some ice cream and whipped cream, and I had made up the recipe. He got home, and I poured out enough Skittles to cover up the bottom of the blender up to the blades (Sorry, I don't know the measurement). Then, I poured enough milk to bring the measurement to about the middle of the blender (Sorry, I don't know the measurement for this either). Finally, I put in one scoop of vanilla ice cream and blended it all together. Once it was blended well, it was in fact the universal color of smoothies, brown. I poured it into two small glasses. One for me, and one for my dad. We topped it off with whipped cream and drank it. It was so sweet and amazing, therefore since my brother's three friends were over and we had extra Skittle milkshake, we decided to pour out an equal amount for each of them, which was half of a small cup. We topped it off with whipped cream for them too and stuck in some straws. My mom and I brought in the four Skittle milkshakes, and they loved it! They even described it as "heavenly". One of them asked me where I found out about this, and I said I thought of it. They even asked me the recipe, and I said, "Just put some Skittles in a blender, pour milk over it, then put a scoop of ice cream in." Thank you so much Rhett and Link for inspiring me to do this when you guys did "Will It Cereal?". Now I have an awesome milkshake to share with family and friends! If you all can try your own measurements of skittles and milk and say what you like best with your skittle milkshakes in the comments below, that would be awesome. It would be awesome if the guys did a Will It Milkshake and had Skittles as one. Why not say in the comments below if you think they should do that?

Faith (Sheepzon)

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