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hi my name is jacob i have had some very weird expirences with food for example my brother claims hes alergic to fish but thats a lie he is a VERY picky eater i am alot more adventurous and when i was little i thought bean sprouts were snakes so i was afraid of them until i tried one and they tasted good i hate cellery and carrots though and ive never had brussel sprouts i wasnt ate something so sour i cried i dare rhett and link to try extreme sour wart heads picture here (http://www.sweetfactory.com/images/uploads/4433-Warheads1ozpack.jpg) they are very sour and i dont know if u guys can take em ill send some to u guys. anyway this is my first blog but ive been a fan for about a year and know everything there is to know about rhett and link now that i have conquered my fear of bean sprouts i will eat almost anything look at these snakes!!! http://www.thaitable.com/images/ingredients/pictures/5Bean%20sprout...; thanks guys bye!!!

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