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Sometimes there are people that one just can't help.  No matter what one does, no matter how hard one tries - one just can't help them.  It really sucks when one loves that person or those people so much.  So there's nothing one can do - one has to learn to live with it and hope that he/she/they will find the truth for themselves, especially when the truth is staring right at them in the face.


One gets to a point in life where things become settled, especially in one's own brain I guess.  I started to see it in myself.  One finds oneself locking things in like when being told how to structure a resume.  One tends to stick with something and that's it.  I consider myself lucky because I'm self-aware.  the important thing is to accept what one can change and what one can't - very important indeed.  Sometimes it can be the refusal to accept things, that causes one to evolve.  For example: everyone in the world of the past accepted that the world was flat, and thanks to those few who chose not to - we know this not to be true.  Don't be afraid to live one's dreams, not just dream them.  And of course, that ability is actually inherent to every one of us.  As long as we dare to believe in ourselves and be open to what we can be capable of whether it be the potential for great construction or destruction of oneself with humanity following from that.  The only thing in life that limits us is ourselves and that's how it is everyday.  One can do anything that one wants to, anything. Of course in this world there's something that does put a crack in one's dreams and that's money.  It's just the way it is for the moment.  One has to eat, drink, live and everyone wants to live well too.  One doesn't exactly know how to get to that utopia of life but I'm here and I'll give life my best shot.


Everyone on this planet has the capacity for love.  Love is written into our DNA.  The first step is to love oneself, second is to love someone else or be "in love" and experience a "sharing" like no other with someone else - one's soul-mate, third is to love humanity.  All this love makes one's life better in every sense of the word - work, play, family and much more.  John Lennon said that "all you need is love", guess what - he was bloody right!


"You can always teach an old dog new tricks."


One can always do one's best to try and fix things yourself, but there are those occasions where one needs to let things fix themselves and vice versa.


One must accept, one way or another, the things that can be changed and the things that can't.  This is bloody hard as a human being with emotions, feelings and much more - especially when love is concerned.  The thing that one can change in this world is oneself.  Everyone has the power to do so, as long as one shed's the fear of change and accepts themselves for who they truly are - good and bad.  In other words, grow up and remember the innocence that one has had as a child at some point or another.  Again it's still bloody hard but if one is strong enough, then one can do it!


Don't be afraid to ask for help.  It's OK to ask questions.  In the end one is helping himself/herself and in turn, others as well.  It takes guts because everyone usually says, don't rock the boat - just keep paddling.  If humankind remained thinking this way - we would never evolve!


One doesn't need to be in love to feel good. It can be because of a good friend, day at the spa, a funny phone call, walking the dog or something.  However, love is something worth fighting for.


Love is the most important thing in the universe but money is important too.  It can be the make or break when it comes to relationships.  One must flow with the world and vice versa without sacrificing who you are - in order to live in this world and hope for the best possible future.


Love is fun.  Relationships are fun.  Life is fun.


If one can't find a job, make one's own!


Age matters not, in the story of love.


It's not easy being human.  Chaos Vs Control.  One aims to have a balance of both while finding moments of true happiness in between.



If one cuts the legs off an animal, all that is left is the body and not much else.  (This can be used as a metaphor for many things including places of work - namely tertiary educational institutions.)



Life is simple.  The only thing that complicates it, is losing control of fear itself.



Before one can listen to someone, one must listen to oneself.

Before one can trust to someone, one must trust oneself.

Before one can respect someone, one must respect oneself.

Before one can love someone, one must love oneself.



When you are truly loved by someone, one has the strength to do almost anything.  One retains such a strength from within but being in love makes things "better" in life.



"Life is like a box of chocolates cos you never know what you're gonna get" (Forrest Gump) or "you never get what you bloody want" (Comedy Inc - Australian Sketch Comedy Show) but one does get what one needs, eventually.



The great people that are often rejected by society (at the time), until the great works are seen - then people think otherwise.



What's the point of writing something, if one doesn't want it to be seen and/or shared with others.



3 subjective voices are more objective than one.



Dark times end with the light, eventually.



Individuality should be rewarded, one should not be penalized for it.  For me, as a promotional model I receive such a reward.



Human behaviour is directly or indirectly influenced by individual and collective consciousness.



True love is effortless.



A profound journey can begin with a stupid step.



Don't fight the change, just change with it.



Man needs woman. Woman needs man.



Listen to your heart, the answers are there.



If you're not true to yourself, you can't be true to anyone else.



Being in love is never easy but it sure is the best thing since being born.



What brings me here? The answer is life with its many twists and turn that makes the journey an amazing feat indeed.



Sun sets with the old and rises with the new.



Keep at it long enough and everything that is waiting for you will emerge.



The lord rested on the seventh day and so shall I.


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Comment by Aunt Marg on October 1, 2015 at 7:51am

Dont let your dreams stay dreams, JUST DO IT!! -R&L words of wisdom ♡

Comment by Lucas (I'm Brony and I'm Proud) on October 29, 2012 at 3:05am

Whenever it comes to me and it's original, I post here as well as blogger, facebook and deviantART - BOO YAH!!! :) 

Comment by Alan Davidson on October 29, 2012 at 2:55am

Can we have more of these?

Comment by Alan Davidson on October 29, 2012 at 2:54am

I want a love button.

Comment by Bird (bunnycatazzq) on August 6, 2012 at 1:24am


Comment by Roo18 on May 5, 2012 at 11:28am

uh okay...

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