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Hello, my name is Eastononi,

I make YouTube videos, generally of Minecraft. I am hoping to do other styles of content, such as sketch comedy, GoPro vids, animal vids, and/or vlogs! I am so happy to have the ability to access YouTube, because I know that some people can't. YouTube is a wonderful place, in my opinion. I love making my videos at the best of my ability!

You may be asking "Why are you here?" Well, I am a huge Rhett and Link fan, before my schoolwork started to get harder I watched GMM everyday! I also think, even know this has nothing to do with Minecraft, it is somewhere where people are willing to check out a YouTube channel and I also like talking to other Mythical Beasts. That's why I am here!

You may also ask "What makes your channel different than other's channels?" I bet if you looked hard enough around the Internet, you could find almost all of my qualities in other people. I tend to merge trends into something new, maybe not 100% original, but new. I am more of a YouTube innovator at the moment, but I am able to come up with jokes and punch lines by my self. I also like to take ideas that fans suggest. If I have a good idea I will try to use it in whatever way I can. I also like to make light of a situation that maybe wasn't planned! 

One thing that I do is Skyblock, which I have been putting most of my blood, sweat, and tears into lately. It's on a Minecraft Server called MC Legends (not a sponsor). My cousin, sister, and I run an island that we build things on. We sell things on it, like iron. We also have Free Iron. We put a lot of work into making the island the best we can. When you are on Skyblock if you want to see and explore our island type in the command "/is warp kitkatman767"! 

So, if you like what you read, be sure to check my channel out! If you play Skyblock, or like the sound of it, be sure to check out our island! If you want to be updated on what's going on with my channel follow my Twitter!

My YouTube

Play Skyblock

My Twitter

Thanks for reading this long text rant!


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Comment by Eastononi on November 25, 2015 at 1:06pm

Thanks for Reading!

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