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Well here's a lil something I made thanks to Max sparking my strange sense of humor. Hope you like it. Here we go...

Homie don't grind ya teeth twist da kheef instead. Be straight up jokin while we tokin yo. Ain't no lie though I keep it real that's the deal we roll out G style. We be wild, boy we sicka than thou. We keep it kickin like Bruce did before Norris. Y'all ignore us while we jackin ya taurus. Homie laid back drift it we git hit like ain't no more in we live like we love lest we love what we most miss. Peace is brittle not to mention divisable. Keep these beats in my heart til my flow be visable. We don't discharge we build static to hack it. Feel is drizzle rain be fallin. Got the thunder from clout without a doubt it’s ballin. No stallin, beatin ya flow like Rawlins. No stone wallin, no brick for brack attack this track til the vinyl cracks. A tisk for tat with a back to back I keep it stacked to racked like my cash is fatenin…Yeah we bump it with the beat that’s thumpin you up n’ wanna start something but you ain’t got nothin. I’ma run this so get back you wack jack I’m out homie check the name Ohryus done bust this gone…Peace!

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