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He y rhett and Link! This is justin leigh from Williamsburg Virginia. I've been watching your show for a few weeks now and wish that this has been part of my daily routine since you all started. I can find the seasons on youtube but they seem to be out of order. How can I figure out what is your first episode then go from there!? Would love to know and get caught up on the immense amount of episodes there are! You guys remind me a lot of my group of friends growing up and I appreciate what you all do!things have been very stressful my way and you 2 find a way to make me geek out everyday! the reason why I know I'm watching something older is that I just saw an episode about birds and chemtrails and it looks like you're sitting in a living room maybe in North Carolina. The season 1 that I was watching I believe is you In California. I'm so confused! Thanks for the help!

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Comment by Gumbo V2.0 on November 28, 2014 at 11:43pm

@ Justin - - if you want to watch all the GMM episodes - - - or better yet, start with the Good Morning Chia Lincoln series which was its predecessor . . . or from the very beginning of R&L history - - - just go to the GMM YouTube channel, click the VIDEOS tab and sort by date Oldest to Newest.

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