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Picky eating takes over taste buds of millions of people here's what I think:

1. This is the number one reason I think is for picky eating: bad experience. Say, you dislike carrots. Well, chances are, when you were young, all your parents did with carrots buy them frozen which kills alot of flavor, steam them, put on salt, then serve it as a side dish. That doesn't add much flavor and all you taste is carrot, and salty nutrients. Not very appetising. Or if it's not a vegetable, say ketchup (which I absolutely hate). In many school cafeterias kids like to do nasty dares with food, such as put ketchup on their cheetos. That image could make you cringe at the mere sight of ketchup.

2. The second theory behind picky eating I have is word association, say you don't like sweet pickles. ( which applies to me). Sweetness doesn't seem like should apply to a pickle. That would turn you off. Other examples of this are honey mustard, pickled anything, cream cheese, corn on the cob and many others.

3. My final theory behind picky eating is kids not being put in the kitchen. Studies show that kids appreciate food more when they helped prepare it. I guess i am living proof of that one. I used to hate veggies. period. I started cooking and I still hated veggies. I cooked more, watched food network, and cooked more. Then I was a lover of all veggies. Even brussels sprouts.

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Comment by Kirsten Cowgill (Iquinio) on May 18, 2010 at 5:56pm
i hate Ketchup, it sucks, very badly, and peeps at my school did the same thing with the cheetos!

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