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     For the past few days I've been contemplating my "Mythical Beast Name." Now to someone like me, and quite possibly many of you, this was a decision of GINORMUS proportions. Finding one's mythical beast is comparable to naming your first born child, or deciding who to marry. I couldn't simply pick a random name out of a hat. It was not quite that easy. It took research. It took meditation. It took copious amounts of time. I started by researching through the list of Mythical creatures on Wikipedia. (DISCLAIMER: Normally I don't consider Wikipedia as a "truthful and reliable" source, but seeing as i was researching "MYTHICAL" creatures, i figured it was my best bet.) I wanted something powerful. Something with meaning and sophistication. Something that was almost sexy but had just enough hint of wisdom. I scrolled through the A's and just couldn't quite find what I was looking for. So I trudged on through other letters like C and F...nothing... I then figured I would look through the R's, being that its the first letter of my given name and I have always had a fond fascination for the letter. NOPE. It just wasn't there. So I searched several more letters until I came upon the B's. Now I think the letter B does not get enough credit as a letter (but that's a story for another time.) AND THERE IT WAS... in all of its GLORY AND BEAUTY. The BAOBHAN SITH. A baobhan sith has the form of a beautiful woman in a green dress. She feeds on young men by night in forests or other natural places away from society. They operate in groups, together seducing victims with their beauty, inviting the men to dance with them and eventually drinking their blood. Now, some may say "That's MORBID" or "EWW" but I think it's quite empowering. I have somewhat of a passion and fascination for vampires and I have from an early age. And not for those stupid girly, sparkly ones from TWILIGHT either. (DISCLAIMER 2: I did read the books and see all of the movies but the Meyer simply changed too much of the original Vampiric characteristics for me to really get passionate about it.) I'm talking real vamps. I have an Obsession with Vlad the Impaler or as most know him as DRACULA. Yes, he was a real fellow. Now, back to the baobhan siths, they are from Scottish mythology and I have some Scottish ancestry (i also have red hair). I thought it was very fascinating that they would use their fingernails to draw blood more than mere fangs. They were very very VERY seductive and lured travelers in at night. Now, for the latter portion of my name. Owl. Owls are pretty mush always known for their WISDOM through most mythologies and cultures. I think they are magnificent and beautiful.

     So in closing, I Rachel Kathleen Bramlitt hereby bestow the Mythical Title of the Baobhan Sith Owl to myself and will henceforth accept all duties and responsibilities therein.

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