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So here's how it started.....

I'm upstairs talking to one of my friends on Skype when all the sudden I hear a loud sound from downstairs, I think nothing of it thinking someone just dropped something. Then it all changed when I heard people talking about someone getting hurt. Now my dog is very sneaky and often tries to steal food from the counter, unfortunately she was the cause of all of this commotion, so I finally go downstairs to find my mom in the recliner obviously in pain. I asked what happened and this is how it went.

Apparently my oldest brother (21) had left a almost empty doritos bag on the table, of course Daisy goes to investigate and that leads to my mom going to stop her. Well she went to stop her and ended up hitting her toe on our metal heating baseboards. She then laid in the chair while my dad and second oldest brother looked at her foot (dad is a firefighter and brother is an EMT) she then passed out and had a 15 second seizure which freaked everyone out....she then regained conciousness and was back to normal.

Long story short they go to the hospital and 3 hours later find out she broke her toe clear through the bone, and the seizure was caused because her nervous system couldn't take that much pain so she lost oxygen to her brain. Now she has to get surgery to get a pin put into her toe. But until then she has to wear one if those protective shoes, of course all through this I was thinking of this one qoute "wait I'm just coming to, evidently I've hurt my left hip"

And all of this because of a dog and a doritos bag........How was your Sunday?

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Comment by Adam Cole (thatchannel90) on December 2, 2009 at 12:24pm
"wait I'm just coming to, evidently I've hurt my left hip" LOL thats an amazing quote! my sunday was quite uneventful, it was my dads birthday, we made him a little birthday video lol, but that sounds scary!

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