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My friends have this YouTube channel, and I just want to get them more out there. They are Merlin, Noah, and their friend Joe (sadly not me, although I want to be in the videos too)... And together they are MovieCubeinc.!

Please help them by checking out this channel and hitting that 'like' and 'subscribe' button. How hard can it be?


The videos are kinda dumb, but also kinda funny. They do all sorts of different things, so if you don't like the first thing you see don't worry.. They (most likely) have something for you.

Oh and btw, they said if they can get like 30 more subscribers, I can guest star in a video!!! PLEASE HELP THEM REACH THEIR GOAL!!!

                                                                    Thanks Beasts.

                                                                    Stay mythical ;)

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